Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Little Worlds and Rain

Remember... little worlds are all around us.  Step carefully. 

Okay... what IS this?  I had to go in the old henhouse today... just to look. 

This was in the middle of the clean floor (okay, pretty clean)....

is it snake poop????

As I left, here was the sky. 

And when I got home... here were the skies... 

And we've been getting a good soaking rain for about 15 minutes.  

We need it. 

Look!  The slave to the birds is filling the fortex on the porch at the old house.... 

I am getting ready to stop feeding the birds there.  I have a flat feeder, a suet feeder, and 
a niger seed feeder. 

I am going to take the flat feeder down... and remove the other two.  
I have gotten so much joy from watching the wild things. 
I will never forget the little possum that ate all day this winter. 

Here is one reason I have continued to feed and fill the fortex: 

He's a young one, I believe. 

On Friday, Christopher, his girlfriend Haleigh, and myself are going to try to get 
two truckloads of "the rest of the stuff" moved from the old place. 
We are close to the end. 

Once it is cleaned out... we will get all of the saleable stuff to the 
consignment auction the third week of June... and then 
rent the dumpster and get rid of the detritus. 
Then... we have some repairs done to the interior of the house... and 
put it up for rent. 

How I miss my animals... but how glad I will be to be able to stop going back and forth. 


  1. i am sure you will be glad to finally relax a bit and not have so much work to do!

  2. That going back and forth has to be a drain on your energy. I know you'll be glad to have it all done. We've had quite a bit of rain here. May was a wet month here. It's hard to believe summer will soon be here.

  3. Hello. That was indeed snake poo. 'I've got two pet snakes, so I see it quite often. :)

  4. WE need that rain badly, we will be so glad when you do not haf to go back and forth.
    stella rose

  5. Lordy, I'm beginning to wonder if our kitchen will ever be finished.....

    Sounds like a plan. We are getting your rain here.

  6. It would be nice to have rain. We've been so dry this year.
    Best of luck getting the rest of your stuff done, so that you can get your old place up for rent . It will be nice for you not to have to run back and forth, and to be able to settle in to the new place :)

  7. We have had some weird weather haven't we?
    Sounds like good progress is being made, I bet
    you are ready to stop going back and forth.

    Part 2 of the garden tour is up for your reading pleasure.

    M :)

  8. Every little step means accomplishment Mary Ann! You have done so much!
    I cannot wait to see the bird feeders you put up at your new home! It would be so fun to sit on your deck and watch humming birds!
    Your skys are beautiful-- both the new place and the old place!! It seems as though you can see forever!
    We have rain right now too.

  9. The drought here is so bad that they are talking about stock watering restrictions in the county areas. If we get to this point, we will have to give up our farm, we bought it for the animals, so why stay if we can't have them? We are really in a mess here.


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