Friday, May 2, 2014

And The Sun Returns (Thank Heavens!)

You can see how blue the skies were this morning as I cut the grass.  Our land starts where you see the pole in the yard, and goes to the left.  Good place for a garden, huh? 

See the wet spot at the back?  There was actually standing water in one of 
those depressions.  I was told by a neighbor that the former owner had run a sump line 
back there to carry water away from the house (on the left) ... but it drowned the neighbor's yard behind us. 
The sump pump was disconnected, but the soft spots are still there... they were dug out and lined with rock. 

If you look  closely right at the middle of this picture... you can see the opening of a PVC pipe in the upper center.  That's standing water on the left.  

You can see I still have a lot of trimming to do, like under the swingset.  I tried to fire up the 
mower, that was new to us last year... and could not remember how to do it... isn't that pitiful? 
Keith is going to show me in the morning so I can finish all the trim spots. 

I'm sneaking in this picture of tulip Angelique blooming at the old place today. 

And the Langford family came back to pick up the boat, trailer, motor, and all the accoutrements.  The boat had not been moved in three years, and appeared to be embedded in the dirt.  
Seconds after this shot, Billy got in the truck... and pulled it out of there with NO trouble.  In fact, we didn't even need to air up the trailer tires. 

However, I have my work cut out for me on Monday... I need to cut or dig out all the little trees you see in this picture... there are some growing up WITHIN the buddleias.  

Notice that nothing is blooming? 

This was one year ago in the planter in front of the deck.... none of these tulips are left. 
One tried to come up... it's gone. 

And this was TWO years ago today in the same bed you see above... incredible! 

Notice the buddleia is even fully leafed out! 

I took a break at midafternoon to go watch the production of the musical 
"The Electric Sunshine Man" presented by members of the Tonganoxie Homeschooling group. 
This musical was about Thomas Edison (That's Edison listening to the kids on the right) and was not only informative, but was actually full of catchy original tunes and performed great by these kids. 
I was very glad to see it, and really enjoyed it! 

And our girl Lil went with me over to meet the Langfords... she jumped right on mouse catching as soon as we got there! 

Happy Friday, everyone! 


  1. Mary Ann- you and Keith have a lot of land!!!
    Its a perfect spot for a garden!
    The people who bought the boat are going to be soo happy!

  2. You do have a lot of land to mow there. It' will be nice when things dry out here. I'm afraid there is mowing to be done too. I love those tulips. Hope you get another sunny day!

  3. you have the perfect blank slate to work with at your new place! will you fence it in when you plant gardens? when will you move the chickens?

  4. Mary Ann,

    I sure hope you were using the riding mower to cut all that grass?
    Yay, the sun is out and it's beautiful.......that is until Wednesday when storms start kicking up.

  5. The grass looks so nice! I like it when there aren't a lot if fences. Sounds like you are settling in well. Good to see.

  6. We had good weather this weekend too. Cool and sunny. We got a lot of work done yesterday.

    That's a lot of grass to cut!


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