Monday, May 5, 2014

A Dirty Job for a Monday Morning

THIS is the trough on the deck where I grew two kinds of basil last summer.  The basil did VERY well in it.  
It was in the sun. 

I read something on Pinterest gardening boards that you could put empty water bottles in the bottom of your planters to make them lighter, and make for good drainage. 

Even with 40 years gardening experience, I DIDN'T THINK. 

Look what I found.  

It's not just that the whole bottom half of the trough was full of water...
it was nasty, stinking water.  STINKING. 



And I loved this big green planter... but wow, stinking at the bottom. 

I finally got it emptied... shoveling... and then dug out the bottles. 

I forgot to take a picture of what I did with all the dirt from the deck planters... I'll take one tonight when I go turn the henhouse lights out. 

I don't have them quite finished, the big trough was just so smelly, I decided to let it sit in the sun for the day, and will finish it tomorrow. 

I'll also start moving the empty planters over, because look what came home last night! 

It's the Duck Pond Express, and couldn't be at a better time.  I'll start moving the planters, etc. that are already here in it today, around to the side patio where I am going to "garden" this year. 

I took this in the pasture last evening... that's Troy and Kathy's house in the distance on the right... 
can you see how white clover is taking over the pasture? 
There are huge expanses of it. 

I don't know if you can tell, but the rafter crew was VERY hot, it got hot and humid yesterday.  I actually turned the fan on for them.  If you biggify, you can see they are panting. 

I did not see any snakes this morning, though, and it's already in the 80's out there. 

The filled to the ceilings big storage building is slowly emptying... about half of what you see is going into the dumpster, and we are saving the empty bins, which are all stacked at the back in this picture.  
We should have the dumpster on site within another week or so. 

I realized after a couple of hours that I was stumbling and tripping and realized I needed to get something into my stomach.  As I left... look whom I found in the road! 

We all need to help these guys at this time of year... I picked him up, and carried him through the high grass of the roadside, and set him down in Spehar's pasture, that the steers are keeping trimmed.  It hurts me to see these guys run over in the road... so cruel and unfair, they have a hard enough time as it is. 

Keith and I have our first exhibition game of the season tonight for our beloved KC T Bones independence league baseball team. 

Yee ha!  

Ball park nachos!  


  1. Oh you are getting it done, that building didn't look that bad at all!! have a good time at your game, thnx for helping that turtle.
    stella rose

  2. I move them off the road to Mary Ann.

    Have fun at the ball game.

  3. Your like a little worker bee getting all kinds of stuff done!
    We never have any luck growing basil!
    And ohhh yes,, smelly water!! yuck!
    Yay-- you saved the turtle!

  4. are a turtle rescuer! too sweet! enjoy your game and nachos! i am very into baseball right now and about to watch a game on tv!

  5. Most of the turtles that get smashed on the highwayn are hit deliberately by young male drivers who think it's amusing. The little perverts!

  6. You can put packing peanuts or rolled up newspapers in the bottom of
    your containers. I do the newspaper, it helps "plump" the dirt so I don't
    waste much and it makes the containers lighter to move.

    Go T-Bones!

    M ;)

  7. It's wonderful that baseball season has come around again. Glad you enjoy getting out to see your team. We've not had any hot days yet but we're to get up in the high 70's later this week. I can hardly wait!


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