Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Simple Sunday Post

First, I want to tell Teresa at Eden Hills how sorry I was to see that Djali, her llama, 
had died overnight.  It's hard to lose any animal, least of all one so big and stately. 

Our condolences, Teresa! 

Guess who got to go out to the old place with me this morning???
She was glad to see the water, too... it was already 80 degrees, and the heat is hard on her. 
She is also inordinately thirsty because of the diabetes, so she had a drink here... a drink inside, and a drink over at the henspa, too.  Then we came right home. 

This dark purple tulip is one of the last blooming... 

While the iris is about to start it's annual display!

Look who was hunting when I went in the old henhouse.... the birds weren't really that worried... they are too big for him to eat... but the mice are another story.  This was a big snake, probably the one that I showed you in the front a few weeks ago. 

This smaller snake was going in and out of the mouse holes up in the rafters at the same time. 

Here go my little three out into the yard this morning.  I have not been able to find a home for them... I still would like to bring them here... but I don't know if I want to subject our neighbors to a crowing rooster, albeit a little one.  They would not be much trouble, but those of you with chickens would know it would also bring flies and vermin with it. 

All considerations at this time in our lives. 

I'm very attached to them, no matter how "hard" I try to talk. 

They are beautiful, though, aren't they? 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and a great start to the new week!  


  1. Were very sorry too that Djali,the llama had died... Very sad.
    That snake looks so scary!

  2. You most definitely have some fine looking chickens and I really like your flowers. The purple tulip is so brilliant. Nice.

  3. Yikes! My feet involuntarily came up off the floor when I saw the snakes!!

  4. It was a great outdoor weekend, our weather was fantastic don't
    you think?

    M : )

  5. Icky snake beautiful flower.....maybe you should dig it up and take it wif you.
    stella rose

  6. Sad to hear about the llama...even those animals in pens can become part of the family. Happy to see the little patient out and about :) I dearly love tulips and iris, but they are the pits to weed! Your neighboring houses aren't real close and you have a large yard. Do you think the few remaining chickens would be a major issue? I'd have a hard time giving up the fresh eggs ;)

  7. They are beautiful. We would be just as attached
    Lily & Edward


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