Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First Game of the Season!

And... we're off!  

The traditional first game for the Kansas City T Bones is with an adult league team from Lee's Summit, Missouri... whom they beat 18-1 last night.  No, we did not stay for the slaughter!  
Keith was very cold... his kidneys do this to him... and we had to come home at the top of the fifth, 
We have another exhibition tonight with the Lincoln Saltdogs, from our conference. 

Those nachos were VERY disappointing!  Something is wrong in Nacho Land, and I won't be buying any tonight. 

However, cherry lemonade has not gone up, I'm happy to report... yet. 

The pitcher for the Monarchs was one of our pitchers last season.  I guess that's why he isn't on the team anymore.  We have all new players, but two.  New coaches, except Frank White and the pitching coach, Bill Sobbe are back, so lots to learn. 

Tonight, Troy and Kathy's granddaughter is throwing out the first pitch, so they are sitting with us... their first trip to Community America Ballpark! 

Look how my big girl rode over to the old place this afternoon.  She has become very relaxed in the car.  I have her leash there, but I don't put it on her anymore when we go back and forth. 

We did not stay long, it was hot... and she got very hot. 

Hotness, May 6.  Keith read where the Farmer's Almanac said we would have a mild summer this year, but my friends Lorie and John in Wichita Falls are having triple digits this week. 

Four of the roosters were hanging out in the shade when I got out there. 

This is the last week for the porcelain D'Uccles... I'm taking them to the feed store parking lot to give them away on Saturday. 

So that these guys can stay down and have a few weeks of freedom. 

One of the mutants.  They are all over... running hither and yon. 

I'm going to close here... I'm getting closer to showing you what's going on with our
garden here... but it will be a few days yet.  

Trying to get caught up on all your blogs, too!  


  1. Hopefully Nacho land will improve.

    M : )

  2. Here we are raining again and even though it's dark and cloudy this morning the tulips and the daffodils are brightening up things outside. I'm so glad we planted all those bulbs last fall. How exciting it must be for your friends granddaughter throwing out the first pitch in today's game. Hope you all enjoy the game !

  3. double worse when you are looking forward to eating something and then it's yucky

    Glad Lilly Ann is settling down. She's good protection for you too when you go back to the old house.

  4. We love that you share family games and gatherings with us!


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