Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Newest Baby

Here's Kelly, the third wether that will be coming to us in a few weeks. 

We visited him this afternoon, when Carol, his Grandmaaaa was kind enough to show us how to give shots and trim feet.  We loaded Kody and Kaycee in their now almost-too-small carrier and took them over to Carol's.  I don't have pictures of the actual shots... whew... I had forgotten how loudly Kody could scream... and Kaycee took his shot with hardly a ruffle.  I found out we need to quit feeding so much milk, and encourage them to eat browse, grass and hay.  They are pooping well, like big boys, now, so Carol told us that they ARE getting some browse in them. 

That's Kelly behind his two sisters.  That's his Maa on her way back up the hill. 

Here he is, a little closer to the camera.  He'll be nice in contrast to the darker Kody and Kaycee. 

This is the cockerel I showed you yesterday.  Notice the dark band of feathers around his flanks? 


The putative father, Buddy. 
Notice the dark band? 

He's a bantam, but that doesn't stop him.  There are five or six red hens that he has... uh... married. 

Don't look now, but here are the freshly trimmed and booster-shot Kody and Kaycee IN THE PASTURE. 

As of today, when we are home, they can be loose in the pasture, after Lilly has checked for predators each morning. 
They are getting collars this week, and are graduating to "big boy" status.  They are coming along nicely. 

Focus on Ranger, not on the mess and stains, plesae.  

This is what I found when I came in from getting the eggs. 

The big boy, usually so gentle and obediant, had gotten on the counter, grabbed the chicken in the bowl up there... broken the old bowl (antique, of course, but I use antiques all the time)... and was calmly guarding and eating his chicken, despite Lilly laying ten feet from him.  He must have really wanted it.  

I had to laugh. 

We have another game tonight, I am not sure how we ended up with so many in one week, so I'll close now and go get cleaned up.  
Heat index is over 100. Whew. 


  1. Congratulations on the new goat! What fun!

  2. Love those little goaties! It's ridiculus how many times I have walked in to find a roast or something gone, one would think I would remember to put it up. Of course big Bob can reach the same levels I can!

  3. Ranger was having a little picnic!

  4. The goats are beautiful. I just love mine. You are nice to laugh at Ranger, but what else can you do. Heck yes it's hot.

  5. And now you are addicted! Ha! It was inevitable! Goats are like potato chips. You can't have just one (or two). Just look at me. I had 3. Now I have 8. Yeah....there should be some sort of 12 step program somewhere.....

  6. The more the merrier, it seems at your house. Triple the fun coming your way! They are adorable. Too bad about the chicken. Hope you had something else handy for your dinner. I used to have a dog that would try to reach anything left on the counters so I can relate to that. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Ohhh goodness!! Hope Ranger didn't get any chicken bones caught in his mouth or throat!! Cute goats!! Looks like you'll have an adventure ahead of you!

  8. Those goats are delightful. That looks like one happy dog.... oops!

  9. I'm sure you'll have fun with another goat...they are so sweet!

  10. The new goat is such a cutie.

    Yes, Ranger really wanted it !!!


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