Friday, June 21, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

And hotter yet to come this coming week. 

Keith under the weather with the heat. 

Here's the south end of the three little chicks.  They have all turned out very well, for being the only chicks born here this year.  

I'm satisfied with all three of them. 

Hard to get them to hold still to get their pictures taken, but oddly, they are not petrified of me. 

The two pullets, white and red, are nice looking birds. 

The cockerel...

Is nicely shaped, but I don't think he is out of Rambo.  That tell-tale band of darker feathers around his middle looks very much like another bantam.  One of the red hens is his mama, though. 

I'll try to find a picture of the putative daddy and see if you agree. 

Under the weather or no, we are off to the T Bones for the evening.  We've sat through games in 106 degree heat, so we think we can bear this for a few hours. 


  1. Ha ha - that first photo is too cute! Heat and humidity are picking up here now too. We had such a nice long spring so I guess I can't complain. :)

  2. Wow, hot temps. I hope you manage to keey cool!

  3. Hope Keith feels better soon.

  4. I hope Keith is soon feeling better...106* is HOT! Nice chicks! It's nice you could hatch them and watch them grow into nice birds!

  5. Oh no- your world is soooo hot!

  6. Great pictures, I had to really look at one to realize there are 3 chickens. It took me a minute and you had me laughing!!!

    Regards to Keith, please tell him we send well wishes.
    It registered 109 in my truck today, that was after the truck cooled down. Temperature was initially 116 degrees.

  7. We are not close to 100, but in the high 80s here this weekend. I just fixed some iced coffee. Tastes pretty refreshing on a hot day. Glad to see how your chicks are growing.

  8. So sorry it is hot there. We will get our warm up next week.
    It is no fun when you are under the weather because of the heat. I hope Keith feels better soon.
    Your chicks looks great.

  9. I hope Keith is feeling better by now.


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