Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Bits

Big difference from yesterday... and it actually fell to 83. 

We were told originally today would be hotter... but it did not happen, and for that, we are grateful. 

Keith, however, was very dehydrated.  He ran a fever all day and has only gotten up an hour ago.  He thinks he became over heated and dehydrated yesterday, and did not realize it. 

The bottles and gallon jugs are all back in the freezer for the next hot day. 

 Alabama Surprise (Sunrise????) is now blooming.  Is it gorgeous or WHAT? 

I'll have to move it this fall, or move most of the gigantic yarrow. 

The zinnias are blooming mightily. 

Any goat people reading this:  I have a question. 

These two guys are eating chicken feed.  They don't necessarily eat much goat feed. 
I got Purina Goat Chow... and it turns out it looks and smells JUST like the all-stock feed from our local mill, Valley Feeds in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  They are only picking at it. 

They LOVE desicated dry leaves.  

Whenever they come in the chicken yard with me, they go straight to the feed bowl, and they ARE eating it. 
Are we in trouble here with this?  They don't chomp for an hour, but they do stop and have a few mouthfuls.  
I'm still not having much luck getting them to eat hay. 

Donnie is a very handsome boy!

You can see in this picture that Rambo has lost all his tail feathers now. 
He was last rooster out of the henhouse the last two mornings, but there ARE hens that are following him daily.  It seems that Buddy, the bantam, is really in charge now, though.  I suspect Donald has divested Rambo of his feathers, though. 

Lilly patrols the pasture for me early in the morning.  I let her go down and check everything out before I turn birds or goats loose.  Next year, I'll cut everything so we don't have places for critters to hide in the high grass. 

Someone (who is a pugapillar) was so glad to be able to sleep with Daddy today while he was home in bed. She was in her element! 

If I have not been around to visit your blog in a few days, I'll try to get caught up tonight. 
I have Jax and Paiton tomorrow, so I am battening down the hatches and going to try to get plenty of sleep, because I have trouble keeping up with them!  

We are going to try to go to a famous local farmstead here, where they can ride ponies, etc.etc.... I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures! 


  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Hope Keith feels better tomorrow.

  2. Mary Ann,

    Can I swap temperatures with you? It's 100 degrees here in central Oklahoma today.

    I love all the beautiful pictures of your flowers and animals. Donnie reminds me of the ducks I used to have when I was 16 living in Spain. My Dad had to transfer back to the US for his military assignment, and I had to leave them behind. On the base there was this beautiful park with a couple of ducks, I brought mine down to the park with the other ducks. I knew they would be fed daily with all the visitors and be okay.

    Your pug sleeps in bed just like our Chihuahua named Beans. Anytime dad is in bed, the dog is in his glory.

    I hope your husband feels better tomorrow, that sun can kick your butt when working in it. Be careful!

  3. I hope Keith feels much better soon.
    The pugapiller is adorable!

  4. I love visiting your happy happy farm

  5. Nice happy farm. Enjoyed visiting today. Your goats and critters are in such good shape and fun to look at! I am an animal lover from an early age! I see you posted something profound on Suzanne's blog about that fawn - I have no kind words for someone who would waste time photographing the end to an innocent life, rather than calling off the demonizing dogs.....Every comment I looked at said basically the same thing..."Oh, you poor dear! You have had a terrible day!" How she gets people's sympathy, I do not know.

  6. Glad you got a break in the weather. 80's are much better. I have a friend who's dog insists on eating cat food. Your goats eating chicken feed reminded me of that. Hope they learn to like what they are supposed to. I do know what you mean about getting plenty of rest to keep up with the young ones. Mine wear me out too. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  7. We of course loved the pugapillar funny...also your donald the duck is so cool!!! Flowers are gorgeous. stella rose

  8. Hi there,

    I just read this post. Don't let your goats eat the chicken food. I was told by the guy at my feed store that at one time it used to be labeled with a warning. Evidently, there are ingredients in chicken food that is very harmful to goats. I learned this when I told him that my goats were going through the chicken food like crazy.

    Better safe than sorry. My goats cannot get to the chicken food any longer.

  9. I too came over from reading your comment on Suzanne's blog. I agree with you in what you said. I used to be a loyal follower of Suzanne's, even went to one of her parties on the farm a few years ago. After that I started realizing what an opportunist she was at getting people to give her things. She would post I need this and someone would give it to her. Not sure how long you have been reading her posts but it got pretty bad with all of the stuff she kept suckering out of her poor innocent readers. Since I to live in WV I thought maybe she was finally writing like she was when I first started following her. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong post to look at! I just can't imagine looking out my window to see my dogs killing a poor innocent baby fawn and me grabbing my camera to take pictures of it to show on my blog! I would NEVER do that! I'd be out there looking for a stick to beat my dogs. I guarantee you that if that happened at my house my husband would put our dogs down as they are no longer safe to be around our children in our opinion. A few years ago our dogs had what we thought was a dead chicken from our neighbor's farm. I called the neighbor and she came down and said it was a wild grouse! lol My dogs have never killed anything and I don't think they ever will. They do like to tree cats that are dropped off and squirrels on the telephone pole! Anyway, I had my friend above to look at her post and she and I both were saying how wrong her followers were in what they were telling Suzanne but you had the guts to say what you felt and we wanted to tell you that we feel the same way.

  10. I can't say from experience, but I remember reading that chicken food is bad for goats. Something about it can build up in their systems and eventually kill them. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I always kept my goats away from the chicken food. I surely would not want anything to happen to your gorgeous boys. I love reading your blog. I did not read the blog you all are talking about someone taking pictures of her dogs killing a fawn. I could not stomach that. No way would I allow our dogs to do something so horrific. The lady must have no heart is all I can say. Glad you spoke your mind. You have such beautiful flowers. I love the pictures you post. Keep them coming.


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