Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out and About

It's a cloudy morning here in Leavenworth County, with storms expected later today. 
We had a brief one this morning, and I should be out on the mower instead of typing this entry. 

Yesterday, we had our septic tank sucked out. 
No pictures, sorry. 

Probably for the best!  

We had never had it done since moving here, our bad, and it was overflowing. I thought it was rainwater draining off until I cut the grass on Sunday... oops! 

We were lucky enough to find a company to come over and empty it within an hour, so now we are set to go for a while.  The glugging in the toilet when wash was emptying is not happening now. 

Here's something from the garden:

That's tomato "SuperSauce" from Burpee, forming on the vine.  I hope to make lots of spaghetti sauce and salsa from these. 

Keith's daughter Andrea cleaned out her mum beds at her house, and sent a bunch of plants over to us.  I'm planting the last of them this morning.  I have NO idea of the colors, but what the heck... free plants! 

Keith picked up the plants when he went to see this little doll, 
his almost-six-months-old granddaughter, Brynn. 

Kody, Kaycee and their Aunt Abby are doing fine

As is my pet Butch, who seems unfased by the fact a big snake is almost slithering under him. 

The bedding you see is about what's left on the feed room side of the big henhouse.  The rest of it is in a garden bed, this was the portion that did not get wet. 

Last night, I went to the first T Ball game of the season for grands Jaxton and Paiton. 

Here comes Paiton back from striking out. 

My kids did not play T Ball, I don't think we had it 40 years ago, so I was unfamiliar with it.  There was an umpire, but she was mainly a timekeeper.  Numerous coaches go out on the field... son Jim is one for our team.  They constantly explain to the kids what to do, and to "Run!".  Paiton got a base hit on her first at bat, but didn't get the concept of running to first base very well.  
They are considering gymnastics for her, as she loves to tumble and jump and do cartwheels, but is not really into soccer or tball, they are discovering. 

Here's Jax on third, getting ready to run home, with Jim coaching beside him.  The cool thing about this league is that no scores are kept, but the kids still "Good game" each other at the end of each game. 
Then, of course, there are treats for everyone.  
You also are allowed to bring your own bats. 

Tonight, 13 year old Jacob has a game, same park, which I am trying to get to, too. 

If I can get the mowing and planting done! 

These are catkins on a willow tree growing in the little henyard. 
The willow tree behind the henhouse does not have them.  I wonder if willow trees come in male and female?  I'm going to have to do some research. 

There goes Kaycee in a flash... he and Abby love to chase each other, but Kaycee is by far the fastest! 


  1. Can't believe that the chicken doesn't seem to mind the snake right there!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that photo of Keith and Brynn! The others looks so little to be playing ball - but must be so fun to watch and cheer them on.

  3. Loved all your pictures today EXCEPT that icky snake one......tball is a hoot, mom says she can remember when jackson who is now 10 used to sit out in the field and pick dandylions.......
    enjoy them!
    stella rose

  4. How cute those little guys are playing tball. I bet tonights game for the 12 year old will be quite different. I've never seen catkins on a willow tree. We have a pussy willow here and it has catkins early spring but they look nothing like the ones on your tree. I do learn something new everyday. I wonder who wound up with the egg...you or the snakes. Have a great evening, the weather is beautiful here.

  5. We didn't have t-ball when I was young. She looks cure in her picture.

    Love the pic of Keith and the grand.

    You are like me, I love free plants. LOL....I was out borrowing some gladiolus out of the road ditch on Sunday. They looked like they needed a good home.

  6. I can just picture your goats and your dog chasing each other around...what fun! Goat kids are so playful!
    That tomato sure is looking good!

  7. Those snakes are sooooo scary!
    Good the septic monster got all taken care of.

  8. So will Kody and Kaycee remain good playmates with Abby as they mature? They're so cute together. And little Brynn looks so sweet in grandpa's lap. Those tomatoes look promising, Mary Ann. Have fun at T-ball, you're a better woman than I am!

  9. Wow, you have all the amenities in your home. Just kidding! Do you have a farm or something? I love farm animals, especially hens. I find them really cute when they walk and run all over the place. You have lovely granddaughter and grandsons. I bet you’re really proud of them. God Bless you and your family!

    Misty Dees @PhD in Education


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