Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some More Random Bits

Some weeks ago, I wrote about this book: 

I received it from a drawing on Ink Dots, written by Dorothy Adamek, and the book itself was from author Rita Gerlach, who writes historical fiction. 

I enjoyed this book very much... it took me a while to get through it because I would read just before falling asleep.  I finally sat down and finished it in one fell swoop.  I enjoy historical fiction greatly, and Rita seems to really know her stuff.  This romance was set in Revolutionary War times, in the US and in England.  

Rita has written other books, and I am trying to get several on inter library loans.  

I recommend her, and Rita... thanks for the inscribed copy, I so appreciate it! 

One thing that Dorothy does on Ink Dots is to publicize writers... I think she does a great service to us all by doing this.  Thanks, Dorothy! 

As you see, the overgrown north perennial bed marches on.  I am going to be in there this afternoon or tomorrow after church, I hope... cutting out little trees, several of which you can see in this picture.  The pink monarda is blooming, and the white lillies. 

You can see some of the lillies here.  Some are literally buried under sage and monarda. 

The huge buddleia has not started blooming, but one I (butchered) pruned hard has huge panicles on it as of yesterday. 

You can just barely see them here. 

Keith's parents will be stopping by on Tuesday as they pss through the city on their way to Denver, to see Ralph's sister.  I hope to have things tidied up and all the grass in yard and pasture cut by the time they get here, so will be working on this today.  This bed is going to take a mighty effort this fall to remove the huge overgrown plants, and rebed it.  I'll be giving away lots of perennials. 

The Master Gardener's gardens at the farmstead yesterday were very inspiring, and probably my favorite part of our day, besides the wagon ride. 

Herb Garden. 

I want one.  (kidding, honey) 

Rose covered arches... love them! 

I would have to have an army of assistants to do all this. 

Ah, well... we can dream! 

Jax helped me take this picture yesterday... he held the flashlight, brave little boy: 

For the first time in years, we did not even have ONE egg laid in the big henhouse yesterday.  This guy and his friends are the reason, I'm sure.  He's been hiding in this nest box almost all week. 

I had 8 dozen eggs to donate this morning, and a scant ten or so to keep for us to use, almost all bantam eggs.  I do have some duck eggs that are so big they can't fit in cartons.  I use them for cooking and baking. 

I found an intact snake skin on Thursday, and saved it for Jax... he took it home last night.  How I wish my mom could have seen this place... she was afraid of a lot of things in nature, but she loved to hear about them. 

I enrolled in Bloglovin' this morning just to be SURE and hedge my bets about Google reader going away.  I don't think it will bother our blogs any... but I don't trust them.  Thanks to Donna at Our Forest Haven for patiently walking me through the steps! 


  1. Eeek...more snake pictures! :) It's ok, I can handle it! (I think)
    I love that herb looks quite happy and well cared for!

  2. You have a lot to do there before Tuesday. I always do the same here when I know someone is coming. I'm sue they'd be just as happy to see you if you did nothing at all. Because we've had so much rain here things are growing here in leaps and bounds. I'll have a lot of thinning out to do come fall too. Have a super Saturday!

  3. Your yard looks so lush and green. Everything is wilted and parched here. We have been having 100 + temperatures. UGGH on the snake. I was picking peas and came across a large snakeskin in my garden. I have been watching for its owner!

  4. Great picture of a yucky snake. Beautiful flower bed pics. I like historical fiction too.


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