Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Normal Thursday

Hot today, with 88 feeling like 99, and eerily reminiscent of a year ago. 

Heaven forbid! 

Doing chores is best in the early morning and late evening, though I ended up cutting grass at mid-day, finally finishing the cycle of yard, pasture, yard.  
I had left the north end and the strip along our road until last. 

I was pleased to see that there are several places where grass is coming back, in both pasture and yard. 


The ag agent that came six weeks ago told us he thought it would come back, if we got rain. 

Of course, there IS grass. 

And I think this is beautiful, too! 

I had some interested observers. 

Sometimes it's easy to take pictures of the goat boys. 

And sometimes it's hard. 

Some judicious pruning let the big henyard start to dry up.  I think a few more days and it will be pretty dry. 
Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be bucketing the pool again; I have the trailer hooked to the tractor and I'll bucket the pool water into buckets, and tote them over to the vegetable beds.  I ran us out of water 30 minutes ago, watering.  I try to time myself, but I guess I didn't do a very good job.  The pump is pumping the well up now.  I am careful not to run that pump into burning itself out, as that happened to us once. 
It's a painful lesson. 

The duck ladies are laying in the same spot, so I've been finding their eggs daily.  3 are laid in the pen under the tarp, and one under the little Ware hutch you can just see on the left of the pool. 

I have about 8 bales of second cutting hay from last year that I laid in, thinking we were going to get another pony.  After we made the decision not to, I kept those bales in the little barn.  I've been giving hay to the babies, but frankly, they are sleeping in it.  The hay is still in good shape, but I'm going to check with several of my horse-owning friends to see if they want it, and I'll donate it to them.  Then I'll lay in about four bales of first cutting 2013 hay, and start trying to feed it, since the little guys are indicating now that they want to start eating instead of drinking all their meals. Kaycee, at least, is trying to eat grain, and I know he is drinking water. 

We aren't putting the game cam out every night now... but after Lilly alerted yesterday morning, I thought I'd put it out last night. 

Here's the only thing it caught, except something DID trigger the camera about 3:14 AM. 

That's Kathy's cat, visiting us at night. 

I'm going to try again tonight. 


  1. Hey Mary Ann, please resend your email, I was about to reply and it disappeared. :) Carol

  2. Our neighbor's cattle used to spend a lot of time in the creek in hot weather. Some of the local churches baptized at the same place. I hope they didn't stir up too much "sediment!" ;-)

  3. It was nice to see that picture of the neighbors cat and not the visitors you had during the winter time. Looks like you have been really busy there. It's Friday morning here and we may be getting close to 80 here today. We've had some beautiful cooler days in the 70's but today we'll be getting hotter. Summer is here for sure!

  4. Our horses are keeping our pasture mowed. They would love to get into yours! I wish the neighbor would let me fence his front pasture so I could alternate them on and off of it....

  5. Be careful out there. We are in for some hot days.
    But I guess it is Summer now.
    Your goats are just too funny!


  6. We've had a lot of rain the past couple of weeks - but it's a blessing since usually the summer is so dry!! Everything is nice and green.
    Glad you told us it's a cat. I thought at first it was a fox!!


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