Monday, June 17, 2013

Ducks Galore

The ducks are in a new yard now, and loving it.  
Me... not so much. 

The old henyard is rapidly becoming Swamplandia 

Let me tell you, if it wasn't for Chris, we would not have them moved.  That boy is FAST! 

Here he is, girded for battle.  

Uh, yes, he had to do the low-crawl under the henspa to coax everyone out. 

Then we isolated them one-by-one in the corner of the yard... I used the net, but did NOT use it to catch them, just as an extension of my arm. 

Then KAPOW!  Chris dove and caught the duck. 

He transferred them carefully to me.  All dogs were in the house, so we would not have any "help". 

Fawni here is wide eyed and looking around. 

Her pool was moved first, so I took each over one-by-one to the new location, so they would know where their water was. 

Why yes, one of them GOT me. 

But I was rewarded with a wonderful sight. 
Ducks in the pasture again, which we had not had in three years.  These girls were desperate for grazing. 
They couldn't believe their good luck! 

But wait!  There are TWO white ducks! 

Surprise to Keith, who doesn't know yet! 
Our neighbor Roxanne, who so kindly took our turkeys Jackson and Rosie, called me Wednesday night to see if I would take a Pekin drake, that one of the school bus drivers needed to rehome.  Roxanne already had two drakes and couldn't risk fighting... so she offered it to me.  I said yes... so now, Fawni, Cinnamon, Spice and Aflac have a new leader and protector, Donald! 

He's a handsome boy, and took right over caring for his flock when he got here Wednesday night. 

He's a big boy, too!  

I haven't had any trouble between he and Rambo, the big rooster, or any of the other roosters.  I have had drakes challenge roosters in the past. 

And on top of this... 

Rosie, our pretty turkey hen, has hatched out turkey babies and goslings at Roxanne's, and I hope to go see them this week. 

I'll get some pictures of the new Swamplandia this week, it's lovely. 

I need to do some branch-trimming in the old henyard, for sure.  And... wear my muckboots daily! 


  1. I thought I was see extra!

    He's a handsome boy.

  2. What a brave brave boy cos I know what lives under that building!!!
    stella rose

  3. Can you put some gravel in around where their pool is? That might help to control the mud lolly. LOL At least it would be easier to walk on than slippery mud. LOL They are looking good. I have a rouen hen duck and barred rock hen fighting over the same nest. It has been quite a mess.

  4. I have always loved ducks, but when someone tells (or shows!) me the reality of having them, I back away slowly. Not that Rick would ever consent to them.... But they do look so lovely on your green grass!

    Congrats to Rosie!!!

  5. I can see that your muck boots would be a necessity. So glad you had a great helper there. What a handsome young man he is too.

  6. I have always wanted ducks!!!... love your chicken and duck yards, they're huge!

  7. Maybe Chris can put "duck wrangler" on his resume! :-)

  8. Love the ducks and their new home, sweet, Francine.

  9. I know you're so happy to have that marked off your list and they do look happy. Donald is so handsome. And of course, Chris is too! And a really good guy to help you out.

  10. Ha this was a fun post :) Sorry about the poop though and mess - yikes - only a duck loves that and man do they ever! Makes a big difference having a good helper doesn't it? :)

  11. I love looking at all your pens for your duckies and chicks and all your animals. I can tell you realy care about them. It makes me feel good to see it,,, especially after being sad about Benny.

  12. Found your blog over at Krazo's. How do you keep the ducks from flying away? We had some once many years ago and I think they just ranged free.

    Looks like you have a 'Martha Stewart' chicken coop!

  13. They look pretty happy to be out in the grass!

  14. Love your ducks! We only have two at the moment - they keep us and each other company in the yard. Yes, they are messy critters but oh-those-cute-feet! :) We love duck eggs, too.


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