Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Goat Pictures!

It's 11:15 PM and I should be in bed!  Keith, smart guy, IS. 

Here are some more pictures from my helpers this afternoon.  All dogs were in the house... I don't trust Ranger or Lilly around the babies... and it was too hot out for Aunt Abby. 

Kody was checking out the John Deere while I was bucketing out the duck pool.  I am using this nutrient-rich water on the garden, but it's a pain... I bucket it from the henyard, and carry it out two gates... into the buckets in the cart on the back of the tractor.  Thank heavens the dogs were in, so I could leave the gates open... and try to keep an eye on the little guys who were doing chores with me. 

They are absolutely EVERYWHERE.  This worried me, because they jumped from the porch of the red (little) henhouse behind them, and it was a LONG way down from this juvenile chick pen.  I lifted both down. 

Then they found The Big Tree Trunk... this was our tree that went down in July, 2011... in the small "gust" tornado that hit us.  We have never been able to get the bulk of the trunk cut up... but my gosh, the goats LOVE it. 

They jumped on and off, on and off. 

Then they wandered up to the patio, where Keith was sitting. 

And onto and off the deck. 

And up onto Daddy's lap... but we are trying to break Kody of this, he is getting far too big, and will hurt someone. 

While Kaycee is always a gentleman.  

As of today, I am cutting them down to just a few ounces of milk a couple of times a day.  I am encouraging them (with success) to eat their hay and the browse in their big pen, and in the pasture.  Keith was kind enough to re-roof the duck house in the henyard today, since the roof had deteriorated and the boys were playing on it, and I was afraid of a disaster.  I found two duck eggs in it today, and one under the former juvenile Ware hutch.  The fourth egg escaped me,so either one duck didn't lay, or I couldn't find it in the henyard, as they are all locked in at night. 

I didn't get but two eggs from the big henhouse, where I got 8 yesterday, and THIS IS THE REASON: 

We have never, in all our nine years here... seen as many snakes as we are seeing this year.  

There were two in the goat barn yesterday, and two in the henhouse tonight when I went in to get some feed for the chicks.  It's getting very tiresome, I'm telling you.  The first one that bites me is going to regret it. 


  1. Those goats are adventuresome. It's a joy to seem them climbing but it must be a little scary. Good thing you were watching them. Those snakes are a bother, big time. I'm afraid they would be long gone if they were around here. They are huge. Take care !

  2. I would have already rehomed them :) further on down the road.

    The goats are cute as always. I love that ridgeback on Kody.

  3. You need a pied piper to visit your farm and get rid of those the goat cute!
    stella rose

  4. Beautiful goats! I just love how they seem to know that they should be up high checking everything out! What great helpers you have, must make the chores go quicker :-)

  5. Goats are a riot! We love watching them play. If there is anything to climb on they will find it!
    As for the snakes...ewwwww..I would be scared to go outside!


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