Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ends of Things

The chicken I showed you last night is still with us, but not for long, I think. 

She actually came outside this evening.  There she is, standing, eyes closed. 

She waited until the ducks and other chickens had picked through the greens I brought in... before she picked at a couple of the scraps, but didn't eat them. 

Then she stood, solitary, eyes closed again. 

This hen is one of the 16 that I bought as "2 year olds" from a friend last year.  I came to find out later that my "friend" had been given them by a chicken keeper who was culling his flock for new replacements.  They were actually 4 and 5 years old.  I should have paid attention, because it was so evident. 

About 8 of these birds are already gone, some did not survive the heat last summer. 

Here is the face of another, Splash... Splash has been acting like she has morphed into a rooster (which I have had happen before).... she is mounting the other hens and trying to breed them.  She's also a bully. 

That's Splash and a production black, and you can tell by their faded faces they are both old girls. 
Neither is laying. 

Thank heavens these little girls are all still laying! 

The buff/white hen made it back into the henhouse tonight, but is not laying down or roosting.  She is standing, eyes closed.  
I'm just waiting. 


  1. Oh the poor chicky- does not look like she feels to good.

  2. That is so hard....... I've been on that wait before.....
    Blessings to you Mary Ann ....

  3. Life with animals is so HARD, as well as enriching, satisfying, and heart-warming. Can't wait 'til heaven....

  4. When you don't have the heart to make chicken soup, you're going to have some heart-ache. I hope she goes gently.

  5. Thank God that you are so tenderhearted. I like you so much for it but I know it's hard waiting.

  6. I'm with Gorges. I hope she goes gently, too.

  7. Old age happens to all, even chickens. Amazing how many different varieties of chickens there are and you have quite of few of them there. It rained here most of yesterday so I'm hoping to see the sun later on. It's a cloudy start to the day. Hope you have a fantastic Friday.

  8. Sorry to hear this.

    Those little girls are really cute.

  9. My bantams are the same way, they are the best little layers. All winter when everyone had stopped laying eggs those girls never missed a beat.
    Too bad about your little hen. I had one go that way earlier after our first heatwave this spring.
    The heat seems to really take it's toll on my laying hens.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  10. I always wanted to have some chickens. It has been a long time dream, but I think I pictured them always running happily round the yard like my neighbour's did. This is the sad reality. At least she has had a lovely life with you and we have all had a chance to love her through your blog. .
    Cheers Gillian

  11. Poor hen. I always wonder WHY people feel they need to misrepresent animals anyway. :(

  12. Sorry Mary Ann :( time always catches up with us.


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