Friday, July 3, 2015

The Day Before the Day

July 3rd, and we are having balmy weather. 

And I have tomatoes by the Fourth of July! 

Yes, they are cherry tomatoes and the huge green tomatoes are getting bigger by the day, but they are still tomatoes. 
They are sweet, too, and live up to their name 
Sweet Cherry 100. 


A handsome marauder has been visiting the back deck feeder off and on. 
I am NOT encouraging him. 

Look what I found about a mile from us yesterday! 

This little feeder is on a shepherd's hook in a planter on the back deck. 
This little girl is a frequent visitor in the evenings. 

While this little one preferred the one in the yard. 

I am changing this sugar water every other day now, it gets bad in the sunlight. 

When we rebuild the deck, hopefully, later this summer... we are going to make a 
shady spot for the hummingbird feeders.  

The bees at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame were working hard today! 

We are having a huge event on the 11th, and everyone, volunteers and the few paid employees, are gearing up for it.  Keith and I will both be helping. 

Sorry, I love the bees. 

This little dove girl has been eating on the back deck for the last four days with 
all the sparrows and finches. 

I have been watching her often. 

She looks beautiful, doesn't she? 

Her beak is crossed, and her right leg is not right.  She hops, mostly on the left leg. 

I know it's summer and they should be finding their own food. 
I'm trying to only put one full feeder out in morning and evening. 

But, she's the reason. 

A reminder to everyone.... keep your dogs and cats in for the next few days... 
more animals are lost at the Fourth than any other holiday. 
This beautiful girl of ours is scared to death of the boomers. 
She is in the bathroom, where it's dark and cool, and 
tonight will go down the basement with Keith to be safe where she can't hear the noise or 
see the flashes. 

Everyone be safe! 


  1. Love the photos. I wish more people would consider their dogs. Some folks are downright foolish in the lack of concern they show.

  2. I love that you're caring for the dove. She has had a hard life, looks like, but still is an elegant lady even with her imperfections.

    Good idea for the dogs. We are so far in the country there is not much disturbance here.

    The rain is making the snakes move and the dogs treed a water snake in the yard today. I'm hoping the rattlesnakes stay in the hills.

    Happy Independence Day.

  3. The fireworks have been booming in my neighborhood all week now. Good you have a basement for your dog to go too. I love the bee pictures. Your camera does such a great job get those close up shots. Hope you have a Happy 4th !

  4. Oh how I wish I had hummingbirds! They are such pretty, tiny creatures! Happy 4th!

  5. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful tomatoes!!! I have a pair of doves that hang out around my place every year.
    You and Keith have a Happy 4th of July.

  6. i am getting tomatoes too! happy 4th of july mary ann!

  7. That's sweet of you to take care of that little dove. Sometimes, they just need a little extra help.


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