Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Picture-Heavy Post

A Sunday morning visitor

The hooks for the hummingbird feeders are used by other birds, too. 

Our girl on her porch, where she grew up. 

This finch visited our deck. 

I am going to make an album of wayside flowers this fall. 

This was a spectacular fight.  No wonder I'm going through a suet cake a day at the old house. 

Rose - A - Sharon

If wishes were horses, I would still be feeding the birds at the old house... 
this cardinal girl kept looking at the flat feeder. 

A goldfinch on an echinacea

Our boy loves to go to the country, too. 

Lilly comes out of the pasture's high grass covered in seeds. 

I just love these two girls.  They are so calm and pretty. 

These two are now visiting the back porch frequently.  Remember, I am 
still feeding in the side yard, by my "pond"... but not as much.  Too many starlings began to appear. 

Three crows in a tree. 

Marsh Fleabane, I think... and beautiful. 

A closeup... it's beautiful... the color... 

This sumac has turned... fall is coming. 


  1. Beautiful photos Mary Ann, but I get confused as to where all these flowers and birds and decks are...!!
    The new house or the old house?

    Are birds coming to the new house now? Did the word get out to all the birds to go to the new house?

  2. beautiful photos! i was driving through the mountains yesterday and i could see the beginning of the change in the leaves.

  3. Lovely pictures for sure. I enjoyed them all. I haven't seen any signs of fall coming here. It will be sad for me to say goodbye to summer. I like your idea of an album for wayside flowers. They are always beautiful.

  4. Very pretty pictures Mary Ann. I love seeing all the happenings and goings on there. I'll be glad for Fall, but will dread Winter. The cycle goes on.

  5. Fall??? I haven't had spring yet. We jumped from winter to summer.

    I loved every one of your pictures.

  6. We are like twee we sometimes get confused but no matter what we love your pictures. s tella rose

  7. Sumac is turning around here already, too...much earlier than usual...we are thinking an early fall, too. Love all of your wonderful photos especially your cute dogs...we have a Boston Terrier granddog besides our 2 pugs. Thanks so much for stopping by today and for your kind comment about our dining area!

  8. The purple flowering plant looks like iron weed (vernonia).

  9. Well, I am not ready for fall yet just some cooler temps for sure!
    We have had a male and female cardinal on our deck
    but they don't stay long enough for me to get their

    M : )


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