Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hot Weather!

Have you ever seen pictures of what it would look like if nature started taking back our buildings? 

Believe them! 

I cut all these down, this building (the old henhouse) is in bad enough shape without the 
plants bringing it down. 

Since I moved the last two hens, the Brahmas, over to the old hen house, 
I went ahead and cleaned the hen spa out.  I would normally have put all this 
bedding on the compost heap... but the compost heap is under 
a heavy cover of weeds!  That's what happens when you don't live someplace for a while. 

This is the hen yard that Jacob cut down for me with the weed eater on Tuesday. 

You can see from the size of the weeds here what the yard was like.  In the middle of this clump are not one, but THREE volunteer tomato plants, and I had Jacob cut around them.  One has blooms on it. 

Here is Lil in the pond in our side yard tonight, here at the new house.  There 
are frogs living in this little pond (amongst the tall grasses) and she 
loves to pounce on them. 

It was still 97 degrees out when I took this picture... whew. 

Jester loves to drink out of the pond, even though I do 
keep a fortex of water for the birds, and try to change the 
water frequently. 

The birds are getting out of control, though... I am feeding too much. 
I'm going to cut back until fall. 

The yard is soggy clear out ten feet beyond where Jes is standing, we have so much ground water. 

It was cool enough this morning that I had the windows open for a while, and I 
shot this trough the screen on the back door.  This was a beautiful male cardinal, and yes, he was EATING SAFFLOWER, the first one I have ever seen. 

This one was the first to reach the suet I put out today at the old place after church tonight.  I am not feeding out there... but I do put suet out... and the one I put out last night was gone when I got there this morning. 

Look what I saw on the way home!  

I'm starting to see them more and more, now that their babies have all fledged. 

Another hot day tomorrow... and then some cooling off! 


  1. We are close to 90 here but it feels even hotter. I'm trying my best to keep cool, but there was a little outside work to be done here too. The heat exhausts me and I did little else the rest of the day. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday !

  2. it is horribly hot here too. we are in the 90's with off the charts humidity. but interestingly, the breeze has a bit of cool air in it.

  3. Mary Ann,

    The heat is getting all of us. The gardens are so dry right now.
    Keep cool and don't get over heated while outside.
    Great post and pictures, thank you for sharing.

  4. Stuff is growing like crazy- isn't it!
    Very cool that you have nice little pond for the frogs. They must sound so beutiful!

  5. It was so hot here this weekend we hardly went outside, hot and rain...ugh......stella rose

  6. Don't know about you but I am ready for something other than rain and HOT!
    I shouldn't be so picky but I like being a bit cooler and being able to get a breath
    is good too.

    M : )

  7. I saw a cardinal yesterday that was the brightest orange I've ever seen. They are beautiful birds.


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