Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Cowboy Parade

I ran down to Tonganoxie with the dogs yesterday morning to drop 
some things off at the Good Shepherd.  
Imagine my surprise when I saw people unloading horses from trailers! 
I am out of touch with doings there, obviously, because I asked at 
the thrift store/pantry and was told it was Cowboy Day in Tongie! 

There were cowGIRLS, too. 

The Fort Reilly (Kansas) Mounted Color Guard led the short parade. 

They had beautifully matched bays. 

When they stepped off, the parade was ready to roll. 

The dogs were so patient with me... it was about 80 degrees, but they had to sit in the 
car and wait for me (I was standing next to the car) for 20 minutes.  

The Color Guard stopped after about 100 feet. 

Look whom they were waiting to fall in behind them!  The Buffalo Soldiers! 

The 9th and 10th Cavalries, started at Fort Leavenworth (Kansas), and 
then stationed in Indian Territory at Fort Sill, Oklahoma... were famous fighters. 
The Buffalo Soldiers were made up of black men who fought the Indian Wars. 

They followed our State and Federal colors, with their guidon flying. 

There were charros, too... and this man side-passed his way down Main Street on his 
beautiful horse. 

The young woman on the right was on what appeared to be a beautiful Paso Fino... 
and these made up a wonderful unit. 

Cowboys from our local Tailgate Ranch followed them. The empty saddle was 
a tribute to a lost friend. 

Though there were several motored units, the attraction of this short parade was clearly the horses. 
I did not go over to fourth street to see what all the tents contained, as the dogs 
were with me, and I would have had to keep them leashed.  I also limit their time outside in the heat these days. 

I was so glad I drove down to Tongie at just the right time to see all these wonderful riders and their horses! 


  1. What a treat for you -- and for your readers!

  2. Mary Ann,

    I bet it was beautiful out when watching the Cowboy Parade?
    Great pictures!

  3. That was a treat to see ! How great you got there just at the right time! Beautiful horses !

  4. NEAT! You'd know I love seeing this. Of course, my favorite was the gray the Churro was riding.

    Love me some gray horses.

  5. Arent horses just sooooo beautifful? This one is for sure!


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