Thursday, July 9, 2015

On to the Big Weekend!

Tomorrow is the first day of our busy weekend. 
The National Agricultural Center (Ag Hall of Fame) has 
"Tractor Daze and Touch-a-Truck" this weekend, 
and it's all hands on deck. 

I was asked to take pictures for them, and am gearing up for this with 
comfortable shoes, shorts, water, and plenty of protein bars. 

So, I tried to get a lot done today. 

I did extra chores at the old house, and cleaned out the water bowls. 
I keep refilling the big water fountain in the old henhouse, and the 
red hens keep getting straw in it.  It's up on a cement block, 
but they rearrange the straw every day! 

I put out extra feed today, and then went again tonight.  However, I've 
decided now to go out really early in the morning, 
and double-check everything, since we are to have temps in the nineties tomorrow. 

I'm telling on myself here... I've been practicing making landscape shots.... and you can see I am FAR behind pulling weeds.  I'm going to try to get to them next week, and then put some straw mulch down. 

On Sunday after church, grandson Jacob is going to do some serious weed-eating here. 

The crazy thing is, those weeds pull right out... but I just haven't been able to get to them. 

I was in Michael's on Monday... and realized they were putting summer away, and getting fall out! 

I realized, too, that the colors in the fields are changing ever-so-slightly, and browns are coming to the fore. 

Does anyone know what this beautiful bird could be?  It appeared out of the blue 
this evening... and disappeared quickly.  I have never seen it before, and it was larger than the 
finches that have been feeding.  I'm assuming it was a female. 

We had a swim in the full-to-the-top pond this morning, because for the next two hot days, the dogs won't be going to the farm. 

Even though Jes doesn't get INTO the pond, he loves running around it, and splashes along the edges.  They both love to chase the frogs. 

Another little visitor today. 

I wish I had gotten these girls in focus, they were both on beautiful horses.  
I think it was a mother and daughter.  I had to hold onto Lilly's collar as we crawled past, as 
she barks (crazily) at anything unusual. 

It was a beautiful day for riding, in the low 80's with sun and clouds. 

I passed this red tailed hawk as I was leaving the old place, and 
backed up to take another look. 

It let me take a few pictures before it took off after something. 

I'm going to try to post tomorrow night and Saturday night, with 
pictures from our big event. 


  1. Beautiful photos as always Mary Ann
    I have seen that bird here,, but cannot remember what it is... Maybe someone will tell you.

    I don't understand how you can take care of both houses,,, and property.. plus volunteer,,, and plus go to ballgames,,
    and so all that you do.
    I know for sure I would not be able to,, Nope,, no way

  2. How wonderful that you get to be the picture taker at your event. I'm sure they won't be disappointed as you really do have a good eye for great shots. Hope the weather stays nice with no rain for you all. We're supposed to be clearing out here today but so far no sign of blue skies. Have a wonderful weekend !

  3. That will be a fun event. Hot, but you'll love it. We are baling hay today and will be hot right along with you. Great photos Mary Ann. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I know you are having a busy day today so I will talk to you on Monday...have a great weekend. stella rose and momma

  5. If you've not tried to put newspaper down before you mulch with straw, I think you should give it a shot. It works really well and does a fantastic job of keeping the weeds down/killed. Much less pulling them up this way.


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