Tuesday, July 7, 2015

After the Rainy Night

Yesterday morning, I snapped a few pictures of flowers still blooming at the old house. 

The gardens are terribly overgrown at this point. 

It's so odd that the sedum is blooming so early. 

Lilly and Jester got to go to the pond. 

They had a good time, despite the humidity. 

As the day wore on, the humidity got worse. 

As we drive home, I came across this scene, and got out of the car to take a better picture: 

I was being watched: 

See me in the rear view mirror? 

I went another two miles, and saw this ahead of me. 

I counted four little poults walking with her. 

At 3:30 the senior Yoders got here, to spend the night.  We had planned to meet Amber (Keith's daughter) and her sons for dinner.  However, Mother Nature intervened in a huge way. 

This is the juncture of four yards in our back yard. 

That's where the water was headed.  This is our neighbor-directly-behind us, and the blue building is his detached garage. 
See the pond?  All the water was headed there.  
His basement and the detached building flooded, and a major cleanup is underway over there tonight. 

There was also considerable flooding on the next street over, and a culvert collapsed under the street there.  

Flooding is all over Leavenworth County. 

Dinner out was cancelled and Amber stayed at home, safe with her boys. 

Look whom I ran into this morning on the way home. 

If it IS the same group (and it was the same vicinity), one poult was lost in last night's major storm. 

I was sorry to see that. 

I had horrid vibration in the car, but there was no getting out to get a clearer picture. 

She's keeping them in the high grass, but they struggle to get through it.  I'm crossing my fingers for them. 

This was a common scene in our county today! 


  1. That certainly is a lot of water.

    Turkeys and young ones are a beautiful sight to see.

    Stay safe and have a great evening.

  2. Wasn't that a fun storm? NOT! Sorry to hear about the flooding at your
    neighbor's. We have a bit to contend with also.

    I think we can turn off the spicket now,

    M :)

    P. S I sent you an email.

  3. Wow; what flooding! I think you got photos of two different turkey families, though; the poults in the second photo are a LOT taller in comparison to mom than the ones in the first photo.

  4. Oh my gosh,, look at all that flooding!

  5. I don't know why people build houses in low areas, especially with BASEMENTS!

  6. So many of the little turkeys are lost to nature and predators. The hubby saw a hen with some last week. He loves seeing wildlife.

    We got a storm just as we were heading to line dance lessons last night. The trees were whooping. I told him some of them looked like Harry Potter's whomping willow.

  7. Sorry to see the flooding there. Looks like a major drainage problem for sure. Hope you all dry out soon.

  8. Love the photos! But that is enough rain already!

  9. Mary Ann,

    Oh dear, please stay safe, and weather aware!!! We have all kinds of rain too my friend, and flooding. Time for the Ark to hear your way, lol......
    I love all of your picture, your lovely flowers, and all the wildlife......just amazing.
    By the way, I love your new header.

  10. i love your header photo! we are so soggy here. i have mushrooms growing with my tomatoes.

  11. We had heavy rain here, too. Looked like a monsoon. We needed the rain but not so much so fast.
    The little may have been lost to the high water or a predator, either one. So sad.
    Looks like they would have leveled that area where you live. I've always said I'd never have a finished basement--ever.


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