Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Busy Weekend

Friday morning seems so long ago, I had forgotten, until looking at the few pictures I took, 
that I had seen the quail pair going up the road far ahead of me again! 

Sunflowers are blooming amongst the weeds at the old house. 

The temps were not too bad that day, though I spent most of it inside at the Ag Hall. 

Our too-quiet Ag Hall was transformed on Saturday.  
There were vehicles everywhere for Tractor Daze and Touch-a-Truck! 

Almost the first vehicle I saw was this antique fire engine, 
which is actually still in use fighting brush fires in Fairmount 
Township (our fire department).  
That's the Fire Chief, Chuck, who is one of Keith's very good friends. 
Kids were allowed to touch all this equipment. 

At noon, we had a Parade of Power.  

We even had a helicopter land... 

And boy, was it popular! 

There were animals, too... this beautiful mustang and burro were adopted from the Bureau of Land Management. 

The little train made many, many trips with happy passengers. 

We even had an artist in residence, painting for the crowd.  Mark Conrardy is from Kansas, but now lives in South Carolina.  He came back to see his family and participate in Tractor Daze.  He specializes in boldly painted agricultural subjects, and we now have some of his work on exhibit at the Ag Hall.  He was very personable, as well, and his family was delightful. 

People were interested in watching him work. 

There were food trucks, and this unique presentation... "Churn of the Century"... you are looking at the way they made ice cream... with the churn on the right.  Fascinating. 

You see they had a line most of the day. 

Even though the volunteers and staff were pooped, it was so wonderful to see the place so alive! 

And then, in the evening, a total change of pace, and Jax played in a make-up game.  There were so many games cancelled because of rain this year, they are still trying to get some in. 

I have to tell you, after walking more than five miles... I was worn out, and glad when the game was over quickly. 

I volunteered to tend the front desk again today, because everyone was so tired out. 
We had a quiet afternoon... and I got some clerical things done.  I am glad to see evening here, though... and am truly tired.  

We'll be staying in for a few days... except for necessary runs to the old house to take care of the chickens, as we have gone from cold, rainy weather to a heat index of 104 here in Fairmount this afternoon. 

The hens are staying cool in the old henyard!  Thank heavens for shade. 


  1. What a delightful event. I am so glad they let the children get up close and personal.

    At one of our schools a military air evac comes every year and the children from grades 0 through six get to file through and ask questions. I also love that an artist was there. These are my kind of events.

    We have been 100 in temps for three days. My tree cutting has come to a halt.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. I know what you mean by tired and I look like I was in a cat fight and lost. Cut privots, cedars and brush along the side creek next to our barn. And we re-fenced with cattle panels to keep the horses away from the creek bank. The sawtooth briars worked me over. Was hot, tiring work. BUT, so worth it cause everything looks so much better now.

    Sounds like your event was a hit in the community. I know the work of you and the other volunteers is wonderful.

  3. That would have been a tiring day. I don't think I'd be up to it all. But it looks like a great time was had by all. Glad your grandson was able to get his game in between the rain showers there. And good to hear that you are staying in out of the heat. 104 is way out of my comfort zone for sure!

  4. Your pictures were great, we felt like we were walking around wif you, yes it is hot again here today, mom wishes we could stay home.....I know you are doing a great job volunteering.....stella rose and mom

  5. Mary Ann,

    I love agg fairs.....there's always so much to see and do at them.
    Great pictures!!!

  6. This post just shouts summer! Especially the tired part! We got hit with the heat yesterday and it wasn't pretty.

  7. It looked like lots of fun!!!
    That chooo chooo train looks like fun too!


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