Monday, July 13, 2015

A Hummingbird Reminder

A few weeks ago, I read some information about 
hummingbirds that I had not known.  

I had fed them off and on for years... and 
had not really paid attention to what I was doing about 
half the time. 

Here's the scoop I learned... 
hummingbirds can literally be killed by dirty 
feeders.... their tongues will swell when 
they have ingested mold, and they will 
starve to death, and it doesn't take long. 

I had already been cleaning mine frequently, 
but I have stepped it up considerably. 

This is one of the feeders that I use. 

It comes completely apart. 

I use a kitchen knife to pop the bee guards 
out of the bells.  See the mold growing?  I just cleaned these on Saturday. 

You notice I had to scrub the whole feeder.... see the mold? 

The bells pop right off. 

This is the little brush I use to get into everything and 
get them clean. 

Sorry for the cluttery picture... but the whole process only takes about 
ten minutes, and it's well worth it to keep the hummers safe. 

In this hot weather we are having now... I'm doing it every other day. 

I add new sugar water when I clean. 

Here it is on the back deck.  However.... hummers prefer shade for feeding, and they 
don't like hot liquid... who does? 

We are hoping to have our deck re-built at the end of the summer, and 
are going to include a little shaded place for the feeders to hang. 

I am moving this to the yard tomorrow. 

This is the feeder down in the yard, and it was cleaned today, too... it is much easier to clean with only two parts.  You see it it is popular. 

The hummingbirds are the latest feeders of the evening... they do not 
like to be bullied around by the other birds, and I love to watch them. The bell 
feeder is going to be re-positioned a little near this one, but far enough away that 
they don't fight constantly! 

Remember, clean your feeders!  

One last thing that I saw on Facebook today or maybe 

(from the web... someplace) 

This appears to be a 2 liter pop bottle with 
holes punched in it, hanging over a play area for kids. 

This would work so well for birds, dogs, chickens, you name it!  
Yes, you would have to watch how much water you used, but what a nifty recycling idea! 

I'm going to have someone set aside a pop bottle for me and give it a try! 


  1. Your one of the best hummingbird mamas in the world to take such good care of them!

  2. That is a good reminder for all of us to heed. I do so enjoy watching those sweet little birds . They do enjoy our flowers here too. That water bottle shower looks like loads of fun too. Hope you are staying cool.

  3. what good info! it would be so sad to think we are feeding them but then poisoning them at the same time.

  4. Mary Ann,

    Time for me to clean my feeders. I try to do mine 3 times a week just to be safe.
    I love the water bottle idea!!!

  5. I saw a hummingbird yesterday dining at the tiger lilies.

  6. I did not know that about the mold. I scrub mine, but not as well as you. Also the shade location. I guess I could move mine to a tree branch. The porch would be ideal...except for the surrounding railing that would be perfect cat jumping location :-(.

  7. we had heard that also, you do take such good care of your birdies. stella rose

  8. It's always a good idea to occasionally wash feeders, water bowls and birdbaths!

    I'll have to send the picture of the bottle sprinkler to my sister. She can put one together for her grandson :)

  9. Good reminder.
    I bought a new feeder the other day and it has an easier to clean design; which is always good :)
    This afternoon, as I sat watching the hummers, one of them tried to dive bomb me!! Guess he wanted to drink in private... **heehee**.



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