Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I love this section of road!  I have been seeing wonderful things along it. 

I thought for a minute I was seeing grouse again, but realized... it was a pair of 
bobwhites!  I think I must have seen a female when I thought I was seeing a grouse. 

They were so hard to get a picture of against the gravel.. this was the best I could do 
through the windshield.  I swear I am going to go over and sit in my little 
chair and wait for the animals to come. 

Why are the apples ripe in July????

You see the creeks are running crazy still. 

I ran to get chicken feed and scratch this afternoon, and decided to take them to the 
old house and put them away. 

I saw this little group coming down our road! 

They are a handsome group! 

I think they live on the corner, and I've never seen them so far up the road. 

These guys were with them. 

I love Queen Anne's Lace... 

I saw this girl on the way home... we were at an impasse. 

until discretion became the better part of valor. 


  1. You sure do have an amazing variety of birds out there:)

  2. I do remember hearing the Bob Whites singing. They have a lovely song, but it's a memory from long ago and I wonder if it wasn't from when I was visiting my grandparents on the farm. At any rate I've not seen any around my house and I've lived here over 20 years. I was out for a ride in the country yesterday and saw a lot of apple trees but non were ripe. I got some peaches though from a farmers road side stand and was surprised to see them this early. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  3. The hubby was so excited a couple of weeks ago, he saw a covey of quails on the road that cuts into ours. The same road he's been seeing all the rabbits and turkeys. So now he comes home that way so he can see the wildlife.

    Apples, I had about a dozen on my Ein Shemer and they had started turning. Went out 1 day last week and only had 2 left, the next day 0. I believe the Redneck said he was going to be having some apple flavored squirrels :)

  4. breakout! what a funny group of runaways! we used to put queen anne's lace in colored water to make it turn different colors.

  5. Mother Nature may be telling us something!

  6. I love your new header!!!! Your chickens in the road pictures were great.
    stella rose

  7. They look like roadrunners
    Lily & Edward

  8. We don't have any bob whites around here anymore. Wish we did; I miss them.


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