Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another Hot Summer Day

We went over for a swim yesterday morning, first thing. 
All the white things you see on the water are pieces of "cotton" from the cottonwoods 
around Troy's pond. 

She had a good time trying to get the frogs jumping ahead of her in the pond. 

This morning was hot and muggy, and Lilly disappeared for a while again.  Pretty soon I saw her coming... she was wet again... but at least she is coming right back after her dip.  In the old days, she would have taken off. 

The walk gate in the fence is not hooking... it needs to be fixed, so I tied it with bale wrap yesterday, obviously not well enough. 

Jester doesn't want to wade, but he likes to walk in a few inches and get a good drink. 

Hangouts.... vulture style. 

Grandson Jacob had his last baseball game last night, and his mom, and Keith and I were able to go.  Many were rained out and rescheduled this year, and in fact, Jax 
was also scheduled to play and it was cancelled.  It was a strange season. 

Jacob's team won handily, and have been winning all season.  
He looks pretty intent in this picture!  

I saw a scissortail flycatcher again last night... aren't they beautiful? 

These pictures aren't the clearest, because they are cropped way down. 

See it's beautiful tail and red wing patches? 

I love to watch them. 

Today, I did something really stupid. 

We did not go to the old house until 1 PM. 

It was very hot out and humid. 

I decided to walk down to Beau's tree in the pasture to see if there 
were mulberries left. 

I took Jes, but Lilly turned back. 

Do you see what I put him through?  

He had to sit down frequently, and I had the big camera.  I should have carried him. 

I finally had to hold grasses down for him to come through, he was really having a time, and 
when he got out... he was worn out and breathing way too hard. 

No more.  We either go in the early morning, or the dogs don't go. 

The pasture is full of beauty. 

I heard from Troy, our good neighbor out there... he is going to finish cutting the pasture this week. 
God bless him! 

There's a new sheriff in town with the bathing beauties. 

And he did not hesitate to take his place in the bathing line this afternoon in the heat and humidity. 

The ponds still look so beautiful at the foot of the hill... but it's hard to get to them through the tall grass! 


  1. I didn't realize the scissortails had so much color! Glorious! Your grandson Jacob looks to be at the same tall coltish stage as Brian. ;-)

  2. These are the 'dog days' of summer, for sure! The dogs have the right idea... swimming in the pond.
    I don't think I've ever seen a scissortail.. they are beautiful.
    Great shot of your grandson, and congrats to their team!

    Keep cool, and enjoy the 4th :)

  3. That scissortail is beautiful. Nice the animals have that pond to cool off in. We've been cooler in the low to mid 70's for a few days and I've enjoyed it ! Going to warm up for the weekend though.

  4. That is a gorgeous bird. I love that new guy. He's a beaut!

    I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. Our office is closed tomorrow. I'll be back next week.


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