Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday to Friday

I made a wonderful discovery in our yard last night. 

Remember this? 

That's the bog in our side yard.  Yesterday afternoon, after 3 days of heat, I 
went out to feed the wild birds.  I noticed that the bog was almost dried up, but, as 
I walked around looking at it, I saw movement.  I bent down. 

The remaining pool was alive with tadpoles!

I hurriedly filled the whole bog again. Then I worried, because of the chlorinated water, and came in and called my friend Jill.  Jill has numerous little ponds in her backyard, and told me to run to get some Aqua Safe, which dechlorinates... and I did. 

We are to get rain over the next few days, and I'll keep my eye on the tadpoles. 
I just love having them there! 

The horses I've shown you several times were all grazing up at the road 
yesterday... they are in such good health, they are sweating because it was very hot yesterday afternoon. 

Remember their bay companion?  I saw her the other day, she is still 
not bearing weight on the bad leg she hurt.  
She is being kept on stall rest, but was out for a few minutes as I drove by. 

The hurt mare is the other bay.  You see the rains have brought us wonderful grass this year, 
but... no hay has been cut yet, it has been too wet. 

I took this at 11:20 Thursday morning, and it was the second doe I saw this week during the daytime.  The other jumped out in front of me when I stopped for a turtle. 

This one watched us for a minute and then turned to go back in the woods.  She didn't go far, I could still see her standing in there, waiting for us to move. 

This is not a very clear picture, but this bird was doing his job, cleaning up the road until I got a little too close.  He flew back down when we left. 

Last night's sunset, but as you see, a storm was coming over.  It was not very strong. 

I helped at the Ag Hall all day today; we had a large group of 75 kids this morning, and 
three of us split them up into smaller groups, and led them from place to place. 
Keith came over for the first time, and was able to stay about an hour and a half, getting his feet wet.  He is going to volunteer during the summer. 

I went to take care of the chickens and found the lilies blooming away. 

My only surviving kniphofia, Red Hot Poker. 

Some of the sedum is already blooming. 

Dragonflies are everywhere, and so beautiful. 

There is still a stop-movement order for poultry in the state of Kansas, because of Avian Flu. 

There will be no poultry shown at any city, county or state fairs this year... and 4H 
poultry superintendents are rushing to figure something out for the youngsters to show 
their knowledge and be judged, without birds being present.  No auctions may be held, either. 

There are also rules about sales of birds off your own farms. 

The Kansas City Star ran an article about the fact that egg prices 
are climbing sky-high due to the losses of millions of birds to 
avian flu earlier this year, as well as chicken for us to eat. 
Those of you with small flocks.... treasure them! 

Bumblebees are so happy on the milkweed. 

Try not to see the weeds.   I have decided to spend Wednesday morning trying to tidy up the beds at the old house, but you see I am fighting a losing battle.  

We had some wonderful news in the last three days... Keith's sister's son, P.J. Higgins, signed with the Chicago Cubs after being drafted on the third day of the draft in the 12th round. 

P.J. was playing at Old Dominion University in Virginia, but will now be joining a Cub's farm team after orientation.  We are all so happy for him, because he is not just a good ballplayer... he is a respectful, hard-working guy.  We wish him the best! 

Look what I saw on the way home!  The State Bird of Kansas, the Western Meadowlark. 

Looking good from either side!

So beautiful. 

And then gone! 


  1. Your meadowlark photos are wonderful; that is one bird I really miss from living in the midwest. But OH! That dragonfly photo is frame-worthy!!!

  2. Your post reminds me that I wanted to thank you, and Keith, again for sharing the info on AI and how to proceed when it's present in the area. It was enough reassurance that I went ahead and got our first chicks 3 weeks ago. Good to read that you've had such nice days lately, hope the days ahead are the same, and full of photo ops for you!

  3. Having tad poles to watch would be fun. I remember a nature walk I did once where we could see them in various stages with legs or not. Simply amazing. There was a notice in our newspaper that there would be no poultry at our county fair this year, so I guess we are having the same problems. I love the meadowlark pictures. You could be a professional, they are so good. Congrats to Keith's nephew on a job well done ! Hope you have a super Saturday !

  4. Momma said she has not seen a tadpole in 87 years.
    Lily & Edward

  5. Is sad they won't have poultry at the fairs. I think the chickens are quite a draw at the fairs. I haven't priced eggs or chicken yet at the store, but I'll have to face it soon.

    You do realize those tadpoles could turn into bullfrogs that make a lot of noise :-)

    1. I love to hear them singing, Terri! :-)

  6. Amazing photos! Of course my favorites are the horses.

  7. You are really becoming quite the photographer. Beautiful shots and beautiful subjects! The bird flu sure has had a profound effect hasn't it?

  8. Lovely pictures.
    The Meadowlark is gorgeous!

    M : )

  9. Our tad poles grew into frogs already!
    Beautiful photos of everything!

  10. Beautiful pictures Mary Ann. Those horses look great.

    We finally got a cutting of hay between the storms.


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