Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer is A Comin' In

I don't know what's going on lately, but I saw not one, but two does on the way home from Jax's baseball games last night.  Yes, games... we had two games, one was a make-up.  Grandma can't stay to dark, I'm a chicken driving home.  

With good reason, obviously, as this doe had just crossed the street. 

There he goes! 

Lilly and Jester got to go to Troy's pond yesterday morning, and 
had a blast. 

Jester had always been cautious, and would not touch the pond water.  Over the weekend, however, 
Troy mowed closer to the pond. 

Jes went down and got his feet wet! 

And even had a little drink. 

Lilly ventured clear around the pond, which is now back almost to it's former level.  In 2012, when we had so little rain, the pond went down six or seven feet, and is only just now recovering. 

The "June candles", as I call them, are blooming everywhere. 

Here is one of the red hens I got a month ago.  Do not feel badly, they are doing great... and, if you look at this girl's head and neck, you will see that new feathers are coming in.  There are 
also new feathers on her back, and all of them who were so bare are growing back their beautiful feathers.  

They lay wonderful eggs. 

It's hot, hot, hot out... these last few days... and my favorite small Hereford herd is 
in a tail-swishin' fly-protecting group in the shade. 

This crow made a wonderful silhouette on a bare tree limb. 

I want to thank an "Anonymous" reader who told me that this little creature... 

is a hespid cotton rat, who lives on prairies, amongst other locales. 

You see, we have one here at our house... and we have named him 
Kevin.  We see him feeding frequently in the evening. 

I (seriously) want my epitaph to say 

"She saved the turtles".  


  1. Oh, it looks like your summers are filled with wildlife watching and swimming in the pond.
    Do you swim there? I'll bet your dog surly do on those hot summer days.

  2. the chickens do look so much healthier!

  3. The pond that the dogs love to play in is beatiful! Such happy dogs!
    Yes Mary Ann,, your the turtle saver for sure!
    Glad those chickies are getting new feathers!

  4. I can think of much worse epitaphs! I've never heard of hespid cotton rats; I need to go learn more!

  5. It's been hot and humid here with plenty of rain too. I love the pictures of your turtles. Well really all of them but so nice that you have frequently saved a turtle or two.

  6. Jes makes me smile. His face is so expressive.

    I'm still okay driving at night. Although those new "blue-ish" looking headlights hurt my eyes really bad.

    I'm glad the chickens are doing much better. We are getting 2 new hens from the feed guys son this weekend. The hubby asked him for 2 for putting in a front door for him and not charging him to do it.

  7. You do such a great job about saving those little guys, we do think Kevin is very cute!!! stella rose

  8. Mary Ann, thanks for answering my question about those scary-looking creatures on the tree. They sound similar to some type of locust that I saw many years ago--around 1970. I was living in Silver Spring, MD, and these flying creatures seemed to be everywhere. We were told that they came only every 7 or 9 years (can't remember which). I'm absolutely petrified of bugs, especially ones that fly at you. We were in the car and several of them "crashed" into the windshield. I was in the front passenger seat and let out a scream, scaring the poor sister who was driving. She was far more upset with me than with the locusts!

  9. Mary Ann,

    The chicken looks as if she's healing and starting to grow new feathers, that's a good thing.
    As I get older, I'm not a fan of driving at night. So I understand why you don't like driving at night.
    Great animal pictures, I'm not a fan of rats at all......I don't think I would get that close to one.


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