Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mish Mash

This sweet little girl finch has been eating on our deck rail for the last few days. 
She appears to be the only one that sees this bowl... it has nyger seed and some mixed seeds. 

I had cute, cute pictures of her stretching her wings yesterday... but I appear to have lost them. 
Sort of like how I lost my phone today. 

Yes, it's gone. 

I'm going to try to tough the next four days out, it takes that long to get another from the insurance company. 

(found 'em!  I could just hear her saying "Uhhhhhh" as she stretched.  She stretched both wings and both legs!) 

I made a cake from scratch this afternoon.  It was a butter-less cake, made with mayonnaise... it 
came out beautifully.  It is for a funeral tomorrow at church, for the after luncheon. 

I SIFTED for the first time in ten years!!!  I still have a sifter! 

Crushed oreos on top.  

I'm going to make another for us in a few weeks. 

Even though it's hot out now, Jester likes to lay on the porch off and on.  

As well as the bed in the spare bedroom! 

It's too bad the lilies have such a short life, but this week has just been wonderful for them

I have never, EVER seen as many dragonflies as I have this year. 
There were actually another six or so out of camera range... same wall. 

More were flitting around. 

I don't ever remember this many... I love to watch them.  Is it because of all the rain? 

These beautiful roses are blooming in a pasture down the street from us... wildings... and there are three big clumps.  

I had to back up and see these cosmos as I drove along today! 
I don't know how they got on the roadside, but WOW! 

There has been so much sadness in our world again today, after 
last night's terrible crimes in South Carolina.  I prayed all day for the 
families of the poor people killed, and also for the family of the 
young man, sick as he must be.  I hope everyone can remember
these people in their prayers tonight.  I am so blessed to not have anything like this 
in our lives. 


  1. It looks like Jester appreciates the best of both worlds! lol

  2. That Cosmos photo is another stunner! I hope you find your phone. I lost my business checkbook; ended up closing the account and opening a new one before I found it. :-/

  3. I'm glad you found your photos. That cake sure looks delicious.

    Jester is one lucky hound. Love all the bird and flower pictures. The highway dept. here in MS use to plant wildflower seeds in the medians.

  4. Mary Ann,

    You're making me hungry for CAKE!!!! Speaking of cake, this is one nice looking cake you've made.
    I see Jester is just enjoying life to it's fullest with all the privileges :-)
    Beautiful flower pictures, my favorite are the red ones.
    Were keeping the families of those killed / injured at the church in SC in our prayers.

  5. jester is such a character! my day lilies are fabulous right now too. the shooting in SC is so very sad. all of the people left without their loved ones and so many lives cut short. and all by a misguided 21 year old kid.

  6. Oh I love those red cosmos' has one plant that came back from last years are thinking of the families who have lost loved ones also, in church....just shaking our heads......stella rose

  7. The dragoflies are beautiful. We have them too,,
    And the cosmos,,, such a brilliant red!
    ohh,, yes,, the cake! wow! yum!


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