Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Roadside Flowers and Rain and the Mystery Bird

This year has been wonderful for roadside flowers, and 
I am so happy seeing them.  

We had more rain today... there was supposedly only a 20% chance... but it poured and poured and poured. 

Corn is up, but many of the lower fields are under water, so we will see how it grows. 


Thank you, Donnell, Friend Jill and Old Friend Terry, 
that the mystery bird is 
the Western Meadowlark... you  know, the State Bird of Kansas! 

I had never seen one here... I had never seen one at the old house... but I see them all the time as I drive back and forth. 

That is, of course, not my picture, though I would love to capture one like that! 

Okay, I agree.  

The one I saw sure looked big, though. 

So, is this one?  (female) The beak does not look right... but maybe it's my foggy picture through the windshield tonight. 

Jes was ready to come home tonight, even though we made a very fast trip to the rain-sodden old house.  I can't go into the old henyard now without bug spray, it's ... buggy. 

Our side yard, as we got home. 

It has been full of water for three weeks, but it did go down enough that I was able to cut around it. 
Now, I'm afraid, we're back in the soup. 


  1. You sure did a nice job mowing Mary Ann! I know its hard to mow a lake of water!
    Oh the beautiful flowers,, every one of them so beautiful.

  2. No, that is a bird from the sparrow family; note the conical beak.

    1. I agree!!!! The beak is not right on the bird on the post! :-)

  3. I always love seeing the roadside flowers. You got some beautiful pictures as usual. We had some much needed rain here over the weekend and there was an article in the paper that it may have done some harm to the corn fields here in the low lands that were planted by creeks and rivers. There was really not enough here as my grass out back is looking brown in places. I hope we get a little more soon or else I'll have to water it. Glad you found out what your mystery bird was.

  4. you sure are getting rain. i am still doing lots of watering up here.

  5. I hope we can get our hay in today without a rain. It's not suppose to but when are the weather guessers always right.

    Love seeing the flowers and birds. Jes is a sweetie. I do miss having a inside dog and companion. Might break down and get another after I retire.

  6. Your hanging baskets look good, our mom usually kills her off pretty fast, you sure are taking beautiful pictures Ms. Mary Ann they are much better and clearer than our moms.....stella rose


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