Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some More Late Spring Pictures


After several games missed due to weather, and 
one tournament cancelled and rescheduled because 
of the wet fields, Jax's team got off to a start last night at Wy Co Fields.  

The Crushers won their game, too! 

Grandson Jacob has also started, but I haven't been able to get to his games yet. 

We have a series of soccer/baseball fields about a mile from us, and those fields are high and dry, and so busy that there are crowds there every night... but it just depends on where the field is and whether or not it is shedding the rainwater. 

My car said it was this earlier, when I was on my way home from seeing brother Pete in Liberty: 

This is ridiculous, it is June 10th!  

(I started this post yesterday) 

We are supposed to have lower temps next week, but rain 
is back in the forecast. 

If you can't read that, it say 100 degrees. 

The heat index was 107.
However, by the time we got to the Wednesday night 
ballgame, it was not as oppressive as last night. 

Keith pulled the tractor out of the mud this afternoon, and I finished cutting the yard except for a little bit that I'll do tomorrow.  

I'll take pictures of where I was, so you can all have a laugh. 

Here is Monarda "Jacob Cline" now blooming at the old house. 
It's so beautiful! 

A bee was busy working on the milkweed. 

And so were the butterflies. 

And the ditch lilies. I want to bring some here, I admit it. 

The lilies were blooming this morning... the white lilies, but it was raining when we 
were out there, and I could not take the camera out. 

The Eyes!!!! 

Cicadas are everywhere here!

Lilly ran around a little, but then flopped in the shade of the old maple tree. 

She wasn't the only one trying to stay cool. 

Our coming and going was watched from the comm tower.  Sometimes the red tail hawk is there, and sometimes... 

My other favorite birds (laugh). 

Here's what I see without the camera lens close-up. 

When we built the hoop house a few years ago, we built some beds a little too close to them. 
I was able to carefully drive the mower through there when we lived there, 
but Troy leaves it long.  Look what I found blooming in the high grass! 
What a surprise! 


  1. It looks hot and humid. That weather better shape up making you miss your games
    Lily & Edward

  2. The cicada's were horrible a few weeks ago. They are quiet now.

    YES, it is really hot already. Our electric bill is going to be so high a show horse couldn't jump over it.

  3. lily has the right idea...stay cool! what awful weather this is. it is my worst nightmare!

  4. Having found those new settings on your camera surely does make for some wonderful pictures. I can't imagine doing much of anything in 100 degree weather except for staying inside in the air conditioning, let alone play sports. Those cows have the right idea.

  5. We had rain last night. Have enjoyed the cooler temperatures and overcast skies today. We were near 100 degrees this week. We lucked out on any cicada explosions around here :)

    I always saw quite a few lilies and iris along the roads in Chase County. I wonder how they spring up in the middle of no where?


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