Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Saturday Roundup

Okay, the Friday roundup, too! 

It's been hot and humid the last two days, and 
yes, it stormed again this morning. 

The ground is so very saturated. 

That's our mighty Stranger Creek, a mile from the old house.  It's out of it's banks, but 
not up to the bridge, yet. 

It's a major tributary to the Kansas (Kaw) River. 

As you see, it's out of it's banks.  That's a cornfield. 

See the dike?  It was built after this whole valley flooded four years ago. 
The field out of sight to the left is standing water, but from the rain, not from the creek. 

A peacock posing for you.  Note the tail! 

Cattle are taking to the ponds to keep cool. 


Here's why the cow was calling from the pond... there were six cows and six calves! 

Today, I went to a Pie Social at a very old church in Leavenworth 
County, the Little Stranger Church.  The pie social was held to raise money to start
fixing  this old building to keep it from falling in. 
The McKinney sisters of Moundridge, Kansas, were part of the entertainment. 
They were wonderful, three high-schoolers who sang gospel and bluegrass in perfect harmony. They played the fiddle, the dobro, guitar and one picked a mean banjo.  

This young girl (Mikyl???) had a wonderful voice, very strong. 

You see the building needs a lot of preserving, but it is on the registry of historic places. 

There is a beautiful old cemetery around it, and one woman has been taking it upon herself to keep it trimmed.  The last time I was there, it was very overgrown. 

Those are lilies about to bloom in the middle, there. 

Yes, the old outhouse is still there! 

There were so many different kinds of pie and cake... I had chocolate pecan pie, it was great! 

The Kemps also entertained us with more bluegrass music, and I really enjoyed them. 

I hope you enjoyed this visit to Little Stranger Church! 

More rain coming tomorrow.  I hope we all don't float away! 


  1. It is a great thing to restore this. Beautiful building.

  2. Neat old building. Believe I'd prefer to use the porta-jon, rather than the leaning privy!

  3. So glad to see steps being taken to preserve that old church! Wish I could have joined you for pie, too. ;-)

  4. It looks like you had a great day and that chocolate pecan pie sounds wonderful. I hope they are able to restore that old church. Hope that rain stops soon.

  5. nice old building! blow some of that rain my way! i was out watering before the sun came up this morning.

  6. I'd have to stay as far away from all that pie as possible. Always impressed how much wonderful local talent we can be unaware of. Will be a lot of work restoring the church, but I'm glad to see they want to.

    You can send your rain a little to the southwest. We've now had some dry weather and can handle more rain ;-)

  7. A very good cause! Hope they can raise the funds to restore that bit of history.

  8. Mary Ann,

    What a gorgeous building. Pie socials, YUM!!!!
    Wish I was up that way to enjoy in all the fun.

  9. Wonderful to see such great efforts going towards preserving a piece of local architectural heritage!!
    Pie looks and sounds delish.
    What a great idea too..... pie and music :)



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