Friday, June 26, 2015

A Swim in the Sun

Yesterday morning was hot and humid early. 

After we did chores, I took the dogs over to 
Troy's to have a swim. 

The water was cool after the dogs had run around for 40 minutes. 

She does not go far out into the pond, but she loves to get wet. 

Someone else wasn't so sure, but he had a good time running around the edges, 

The calves are getting the hang of it! 

Turtle removal goes on. 

This was an unusual one, shell-wise.  I think she would have made it across on her own, but I don't trust people. 


I'm just having a blast watching the finches on the back deck. 


We had a terrible storm during the night, and there was widespread damage and 
thousands of homes across the metro Kansas City area without power today. 

I really expected to see the old walnut, or the big maple down. 

Not a branch! 

You see the walnut is so dead now that vines are 
growing all over it. 

It had no walnuts last year. 

This is part of the garden outside the front door of the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame, where I volunteer on Fridays.  It's maintained by the Master Gardeners of 
Wyandotte County (Kansas). 

Bumblebees were working hard. 

The bees from our beehives were busy amongst the flowers. 

It is easy to see the pollen on the bumblebee's posterior, and on his legs. 

Now that I know a little more about bees from volunteering at the Ag Hall, I find them so very fascinating.  They are so necessary to agriculture, and we are losing hives by the hundreds to the varroa mite. 

Another perky little lady finch! 


  1. Beautiful , beautiful photos!
    Lilly Ann and Jester,,!!! Oh how we love to see them have a good time!

  2. Great macro shots of the flowers and bees! Yes, our pollinators are so very important; people don't realize how dependent our food sources are on them.

  3. Jester just cracks me up!
    The flowers are beautiful.

    M : )

  4. Lily looks happy in that water.

    We had a horrible storm the other night. Buckets and buckets of rain came down. I did see a limb down on the hill that we need to drag to the burn pile.

    I love that little flower area they created. Neat combination of plants and the color is great.


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