Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Rainy Day

We had torrential rain for 2 and a 1/2 hours today, after I had cut 3/4 of the yard. 

I'm glad I got off the mower in time. 

15 miles away in Tonganoxie... there was little rain. 

The storm had passed it by with just a slight shower. 

I still keep a fortex on the porch for the dogs to drink in the morning, 
and yesterday morning, I carried a bucket of water there to fill it. 

I found it down two inches today when I got there. 


I wish I had a working game camera at the moment to see. 

However... I'll fill it when we get there in the morning. 

(and clean it!) 

I found both suet cages empty for the first time in a month, too. 

Now... it was 95 degrees with a real-feel of 105... so they could have melted and the water could have evaporated.  

We'll see tomorrow.  I'm taking new suet out... 

This sunflower is growing in a flower box on the deck at the old house... it is a volunteer, but I admit I have been watering it... I'm fascinated with it. 

Here is another volunteer, at the edge of the patio and deck. 

I stopped to take pictures of a female meadowlark just singing and singing this afternoon. 

She was very musical! 

I'm still seeing scores of bunnies. 

My friends the bathing beauties were taking advantage of the cooler day to graze up on the hill. 

While Joe-Pye weed was blooming across the road from their pasture. 

'The bog garden on the side of the house filled up with rainwater this afternoon.  That's my new garden bed, which has daylilies, monarda and a lily soon to be blooming. 

I planned to finish weeding and mulch it tomorrow, but we will see what the weather brings. 

You can always tell when I put feed out... everyone gathers. 

Including this bird, which I believe is a juvenile meadowlark. 

The first I have seen here! 


  1. The orange flowering plant looks like butterfly milkweed (asclepias tuberosa). Joe pye has a purple bloom.

  2. I do love sunflowers and usually have some volunteers from the bird seed come up here but so far none in sight. I'm sure every one was thankful like the cows were for a cooler day. We were hot and muggy but a wonderful cool front came through yesterday clearing the air for a while. Hope you get to finish mowing and the rain stops for awhile.

  3. It's amazing just how much rain you got!
    It's been quite dry here for the past few weeks.... guess that's the price you pay for living in the desert.

    Love, love, love sunflowers!! Our daughter planted tons of sunflowers at the edge of the meadow. I can hardly wait for them to mature and blossom.


  4. The birds await their buffet! I hope the temps cool off a bit for you- I expect ours will be near 100 again today. :(

  5. Those birdies know a good thing. It's only suppose to be a 111 heat index here today. I think I'll stay inside this afternoon and play with clay.

  6. thank goodness we are finally getting rain. we had such a dry spring but now are catching up. it cooled down too which is wonderful!

  7. Fantastic photos! What camera do you have?

  8. Our parents never put suet out in the summer for fear it would melt. I know they recommend feeding it year round now. However, I always suspect they just want to sell more of it ;-)

    We love going through the Flint Hills in the spring to see the wildflowers in bloom. They are just gorgeous. We'll take some more rain here just anytime...

  9. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures!!! I notice the birds are really targeting the suet here.

  10. WE don't have meadowlarks in town, but we do cardinals.....we are getting your rain now. stella rose

  11. Birds have good noses,,, and those noses take them to where the food is,, and they don't have to work for it,,
    Perfect dining for the birds.


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