Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Rain

Yes, we had more rain today. 


It's thundering and lightening out there right now, 
and Leavenworth County Emergency Management 
just posted to stay out of Riverfront Park in Leavenworth, because
the Missouri is out of her banks.  

It's already raining again in Easton, part of which town 
floods regularly. 

Too much! 

See this bucolic creek? 

It's the one I showed you yesterday.  It's really getting a little scary. 

Here are the five little goslings I have been taking pictures of for the 
last three weeks.  I was so glad to see them this morning, and here's the reason. 

This was Monday.  The babies were no where in sight.  
This bird was moving it's wings a little, but did not lift it's head. 
I prayed and prayed it wasn't the mother goose, attacked by something. 

This goose was near, but I saw no babies anywhere that morning, 

I was relieved this morning. 

I came around a corner this morning and look who was sitting on the wood fence? 

Accompanied by six of his friends! 

Two days ago, I found a huge blood stain at this corner... as if it were a 
deer, or a cow, or a horse, all of which are in this vicinity.  I never saw a body. 

When the dogs and I came back 40 minutes later, all the birds were gone! 

This is what our skies looked like as I was getting ready to leave the old place. 

As I type this at 9:43, it is storming AGAIN.  

It's honestly getting tiresome and SCARY. 

The hawk's nest has been vacated... but I took this picture yesterday, because I knew the babies would be close and their parents feeding them.  Can you see the baby in the middle of the picture? 

I tried to find them today in the foliage, but could not. 

And last, these are the ponds at the foot of our pasture, on the Spehar's place. 
We have never seen them so full! 

Remember, there are two large ones, and another big one in the cow pasture. 

If these go over... they go across the next closest neighbor to the east, and thence across the bottomland fields... to Stranger Creek.  

We have a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, and I am listening right now to 
many frogs in our side - yard "pond" here. 

The weather bulletins say expect winds and more rain, and hail! 


  1. The weather is bizarre this year. We are beyond dry and you are flooding. A little equilibrium would be nice!

  2. You are being deluged their. We have cloudy skies this morning but only a slight chance of rain. Wish it were possible to seen a little our way. Hope no flooding damage occurs for you all.

  3. and i am still watering...go figure!!!

  4. I saw on the news where it was flooding near Kansas City last night. Crazy rain all over the middle states.

  5. Keep an eye out for snakes. All the snakes in Oklahoma are moving up to the yards because of the flooding. We had a rattler in our yard last weekend.

  6. Great shots.

    Stay on high ground!

  7. Yikes keep your life jackets on
    Lily & Edward


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