Monday, June 8, 2015

Changing the Camera Settings

First, I have to share an UH OH I did today. 

Remember when we had two beds plowed in February or March?  I haven't planted one of them... I'm going to put wildflowers in it.  

I saw weeds growing in it today and thought "I'll just drive through there".  

I sunk. 

I mean sunk. 

I'm going to have to be pulled out in the morning. 

On the good side, I got 1/3 of the yard cut! 

I took my Camera book to the car dealership this morning to read 
while they put brakes on the car.  I bought a D5200 manual at 
Wolfe's camera last month when we were in Topeka, and I decided to 
start working with some of the special settings. 

I have a "pet setting"... who knew? 

And one called "flower" 


Another "pet" setting! 

The creeks are receding. 

Still beautiful, but receding. 

The little white goat I have taken pictures of so often appears to be gone, and this 
little Nigerian or Pygmy in his place.  I liked the little white goat who slept in the hay! 
His two nubian friends are still there. 

This was the body attached to the snake pictured above. 

This one was about 3/4 as big, and was in the old rabbit hutch, where the red girls have been laying for the last week.  Yes, I saw him before sticking my hand in there. 

I only got one egg from nine hens today, and I had to reach in amongst the nettles to get it. 
Needless to say, my legs are killing me. 

I'm going to chop them all down tomorrow, I never let them grow in the old days. 

One last "flower" picture... these were on the roadside... but there are some growing at the old place.  I dug them out assiduously when I was there, but I just can't keep up, and I admit it. 

Keith's nephew P.J. is being drafted tonight in the MLB draft... we are still waiting to see when and where he goes... and are praying! 


  1. Great pics!

    Good luck to PJ!!

    M : )

  2. You've gotta pick your battles. I love that first flower picture.

  3. I love the settings you have on the camera. That flower pictures really caught my eye. Glad the creeks are receding and that you can get mowing done. After you get unstuck that is. Have a terrific Tuesday !

  4. Love the photos--except for the snake. What did you do with it?? I laughed when I saw the goats because at Christmas we saw a live manger scene with both sheep and goats. The sheep with lots of wool on them were easily identifiable. However, several had been recently shorn and I had trouble distinguishing them from the goats. I was with sisters who had both grown up on farms in Ireland and they were hysterical laughing at me. I kept saying, "Well, they both have horns."

  5. oops, oh well that kind of thing happens all the time around our house.

    Well, I kinda found one of those "no shoulders" on Sunday. But, he was of the very bad variety and he's not among the living any more. I give the good ones a free pass, but prefer for them to stay away from me.

    Jes looks so bored or tired in that picture. Funny.

    Great flower pictures too. lol...I have to use my manual all the time to be able to remember how to take pics on the camera.

  6. Mary Ann,

    Sending prayers for your P.J.!!!
    Love the pictures...........on no.........lawn tractor stuck.......I was that way just about 1 1/2 weeks ago. It was difficult to get it out of the mud with must me pushing it. It eventually budged, and I was covered along with the tractor in mud.....good luck!!!

    Camera books make great reference material.

  7. this is very exciting about keith's nephew! good luck! great photos...gross snake!

  8. I purchased a camera on sale about the time its "new improved" version was released. It was also about the time my need for a camera isn't nearly as much. I need to get it and my manual out and really use the camera. Love the pet and flower pictures---yes, even the snake. I wonder about the little white goat? Good luck to PJ!

    p.s.: Always mow around low lying areas after rainy spells ;-o

  9. WE faught when you moved we would not haf to see those old snake pictures anymore....ewwwwww.w.w.w.w. we laughed about the tractor that is something our mom would do.
    stella rose

  10. What great news about Keith's nephew..... best of luck to him!!!
    Ugh.... I detest snakes. You are brave to get close enough to take a picture of it.
    Lovely and beautiful flowers..... one of the great things about summer time; all the gorgeous flower.


  11. You always take such good pictures
    Lily & Edward


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