Thursday, May 28, 2015

Speeding Through the Days

It was just Monday morning, I swear!  

I don't know where time flies. 

Our creeks that were like this on Tuesday: 

Are down by a lot today, and no, I didn't get any pictures, I'm afraid. 

You see... we had this going on: 

That's one of our neighbor's calves.  I did chores yesterday morning, and 
shut the gate on the way out, because I had let the Brahmas out of their lonely pen. 

When I came back, I opened the gate and immediately saw bovine hoof prints in the soft ground. 

I didn't see the calf, because this grass on this side of the yard (north end) has not been cut at all.  We are trying to let it re-seed itself.  

He was in a little dip by the fence, having a confab with his buddies on the other side

This was the situation yesterday morning... all four calves were in the corner of the pasture where ours meets our neighbor's. 

What I think happened is that the calf got out somehow... and some good Samaritan, finding it in the road, ran it into our yard and shut the gate again, thinking it was ours. (we are only 2/10 of a mile from a state highway) 

The dogs and I just got home... our neighbors came over while we were there... they are the 
men who live at the bottom of our hill and who own the beautiful ponds... and they 
decided to open the fence line at a splice and run the little guy back through.  I didn't stay to take pictures, it was dinner time. 

Heaven knows there is plenty to eat in the yard right now. 

I have planted many tomatoes in the garden, along with about five pepper plants. 

I have still to plant tomatoes here, at our house. 

I am taking the Worx weedeater out there on Saturday morning to clean up around the planting boxes, but the tomato plants are all looking very well.  Some have flowers! 

My brother Pete and I used to race to see who got ripe tomatoes before July 4th. 

It was very humid out, and Lil decided to lay down somewhere cool.  She was smart! 

The mosquitos are terrible after three weeks of rain with little sun.  The sun is actually out right now, for the first time today... and the weatherman has just said we are to have 
periods of storms tomorrow, and then things should ease up a little. 

I hope so, as I have not cut grass for a little over a week now, I am just not taking the John Deere through standing water. 

I pass a home vineyard almost every day.. . I always think how beautiful the vines look in the early morning light, don't they? 

This is a terrible, blurry picture, and now you know we don't weed-eat our fenceline, to the dismay of our neighbors.  I can't handle the big weedeater, and at this point, Keith can't use it for more than a few minutes at a time.  Maybe next year we will be able to afford to have someone do it. 

However, I digress.  

See the two hummingbirds?  I moved this feeder about 12 feet closer to the house last night, and I saw them around it today.  I hope to get MUCH clearer pictures in the future.  You see, 
I have discovered that they like to feed just as the evening is turning to dusk, so I'll be on the lookout tonight, as Jax's baseball game is rained out.  

I also think I have some good pictures of the baby hawks, who are trying to use their wings now and fluttering around.  I need to take a look at the pictures. 

Oddly, the action around our suet feeders has slowed WAY down, so I am really curious if something, raptor or mammal, is scaring everyone at the farm. 

We'll see. 


  1. Grass is growing like crazy everywhere- isn't it?
    Wonderful photos Mary Ann

  2. Unlike you we had a dry spell here but finally did get a good soaking rain the other evening and that certainly helped to freshen everything up. It will be wonderful to have a fresh homegrown tomato. I can hardly wait for the farmers markets to open. I don't grow a garden but visit them often. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !

  3. Have a great weekend. Time does fly by sometimes.


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