Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Retiring with Friends

Keith had a wonderful turnout of state employees for his 
retirement luncheon today... it was at the 
Blind Tiger in Topeka, and oh my goodness... the food was so good! 

Here's Keith shaking the hand of Chuck Magaha, the 
emergency manager for Leavenworth County, and also, the fire captain 
for Fairmount Township.  Chuck and Keith are good friends, and Chuck drove the 60 miles to 
have lunch with us, and say "official goodbye" to Keith. 

But here's the rest of the story... 

He has agreed to volunteer for the state and do a 
type of record keeping for which he and another employee were responsible. 
That person has left the state's employ and the files are not in order, 
so Keith is going to go to Topeka off and on and ride herd on them. 

And... he's interviewing, starting next week, for Chuck, for 
assistant fire chief (a paid position) for the township. 

I'm wondering when he's going to fit retirement in! 


  1. What a wonderful party for Keith!!
    Keith did such a good job, no one wants to let him go!

  2. Congratulations Keith and good luck witht the interview:)

  3. Mary Ann,

    Again, Congratulations to Keith!
    Now this will keep Keith out of trouble and busy for a while.
    Asst. Fire Chief..........

  4. It truly doesn't sound as if he is retiring at all. Just making a career change instead. Hopefully the hours will be less.

  5. WELL he is retiring from one job to do like you mary ann, you are also so busy...keith looked good!
    stella rose

  6. hahaha, isn't that the way it is. You just think you are retiring. When I finally get there I will be so busy, it will be more work than my real job.

  7. Some people don't retire well. My father was one of them. He often had a project at home or repairs for someone.

  8. Congratulations to Keith!
    Sounds like he has his retirement all planned out.

    M :)


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