Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Busy Tuesday

It was a gorgeous spring day today! 

If you click on this picture, you will see the parents are getting sass from the gosling in the middle. 

These geese are living on a large pond in someone's yard here about five miles from us, and I pass them frequently.  In the early morning, there is little traffic, and I'm able to pull into a lay-by and take a few pictures. 

I've started looking up every time I pull into the gate at the old place. 
It's such a good observation point for the redtail hawks, and for lots of other little birds! 

The byways are still gorgeous, and I want some of this color Iris next year! 

My peonies are about to pop. 

Even though I am not feeding at the old house now, I am still putting out suet. 
As you see, it's VERY popular! 

I have been stunned to see the number of birds using it. 

Here is a sparrow and a female goldfinch. 

This morning, I went back to the National Farming Center and took pictures of the 
kids who made the beehives (they actually constructed them)... and decorated them. 
The Wyandotte County Master Gardeners had them planting bee-friendly 

The beekeeper showed the kids how well their bees had settled in, and answered many questions.  The parents were also interested. 

The bees are happy! 

The kids and their parents learned about composting, too. 

I can't tell you how happy everyone was to be planting... these are our future gardeners and farmers! 

I also can't say enough about the volunteers who give their time and expertise to do this. 

Oh, Rooster Cogburn is doing a GREAT job of taking care of his girls out in the yard... 
and so far, I have not had a bit of trouble rounding everyone up for the night. 

Our black hen on eggs is still setting, and I've got the chick feeder and water 
ready... and tomorrow am running to get the chick feed.  
I think it will be soon, and I keep listening to hear her clucking to the 
chicks as they start hatching every day as I come in the door. 


  1. I saw a Bald Eagle on my way in to work tonight and it mad me think of you and all those Hawks:)

    It's nice to see kids learning some valuable skills.

  2. How exciting to have chicks expected!

  3. I was wondering if that red bird at your suet feeder is a cardinal. Although we do have them here I've never seen on come to the suet cake. You do have a lot of wonderful sights to get pictures of around there. Here not so much but at least I do have something new blooming from pretty much April through October so that is what I usually take pictures of. It will be exciting to see the new baby chicks.

  4. Baby chicks are so cute. We've never let ours sit when we had a bunch of hens. Now I need some more and I have no roos....

  5. Once again those pictures are beautiful...boy we loved those iris's....stella rose

  6. Beautiful pictures.
    Amazing how many great birds are at the suet feeders!!

    Have a happy day.


  7. Mary Ann,

    I think it's great to get kids outside learning how to plant flowers which attract bee's. Work with the new bee hives in regards to decorating them. Thank you for all the amazing pictures.

  8. Loved everyone of the photos Mary Ann.. You are an amazing photographer.


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