Monday, May 18, 2015

Picture Heavy Post

I was late getting home after church on Saturday evening, instead of 6:30, it was after 7 as I zoomed down 163rd street.  I saw this little guy sitting on the gate post, and this is the ONLY clear picture I got of him... because...

He flew into the woods, I guess he didn't like his picture being taken!  

You know fields are wet when geese are wading in them! 

Jester enjoyed a good roll in the clover yesterday. 

He's my happy boy. 

Can you even see Lilly in the pasture grass? 

Neither dog is going down there much now. 

I had to cut this grass about every ten days when we lived there, or it would be like this in no time. 

Trying to identify this bird. 

And this one.  It's not a female goldfinch. 

The iris show is almost over. 

There are more past bloom than blooming now. 

I only have two peonies out there. 

I'm going to have a couple here, and I'm trying to figure out where. 

On the way home, I saw five vultures swooping and swirling.  This one wanted the pole and knocked the other off. 

I did not go around the corner to see what was dying... but I prayed it was not the huge snapper I showed you yesterday. 

Clearly the king of the pole. 

Michelle asked if the hen Lilly got yesterday was okay...

She is.  Thank you! 

Yesterday afternoon, I put a small dish with water near the hen who has 
been setting for a month now.  I also poured some food down. 

This morning I came in and caught her like this. 
I watched as she drank over and over. 

For those of you who don't keep chickens, setting hens 
stop eating and drinking, and this one has gone OVER the length of time for those chicks to hatch. 
I am giving her a few more days and then the eggs go to the compost heap (I hate this part of chicken keeping).  

I poured a little scratch in the nest box after she went back in... but... 
I left fresh water and food for her.  I'm hoping she'll come off voluntarily. 

And my last (whew) picture for tonight... today's egg take. 
See the little fart egg on the right?  It was loaded... I could feel 
the heaviness.  I'll break it this week to 
see and take a picture of it. 

The food pantry will be getting eggs in numbers again this week! 


  1. I love the variety of different colored irises that you have. Here we only have purple ones but they are joy to see no matter. After several hot humid days we have cooled down and are to be in the 60's today and sunny. We have pretty blue skies this morning.

  2. great photos! jester cracks me up!

  3. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with the 2 hens eggs I get. I don't eat eggs everyday and they can add up.
    Glad you have a good place for them to be used.
    Great pictures Mary Ann. Jes is such a cutie. I love his smile.

  4. Of course we love Jester!
    Lily & Edward

  5. I love Jesters little face....he is so happy! lovely always get good owl pictures...stella rose and momma

  6. Look at that Jester!!

    Incredible photos!!! All of them

  7. We take our extra eggs to our local food pantry too!


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