Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rain Redux

Our oldest granddaughter, Madison, graduated from high school on 
Thursday evening. 

We are so proud of her! 

She is working at a day care, and will start cosmetology training 
this fall.  She's a beautiful young woman! 

Here's a cute overload the dogs and I saw the same day. 
Look at that little face! 

I am trying to go by regularly, because, one day soon, that nest will be empty. 

Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to what this bird is? 
It is not a female goldfinch, as I thought.

Here is the side view, along with the female hairy woodpecker. 

My bird book says we have orchard orioles in Kansas in the summer... I wonder if this is a female orchard oriole... because... 

This beautiful male bird was there the day before (with the male hairy woodpecker)... and I thought it was a Baltimore oriole... but then realized it had too much white on it.  
The Baltimore only has a white swoop on the wing. 

I think this could be an orchard oriole. 

I put orange flavored suet out yesterday in a new suet cage...
but when I got to the old place this morning, the cage was on the ground and empty. 

I need to get my game camera fixed so I can see them in the act OR... take the suet in at night. 

I spent six hours yesterday at the Ag Hall... and here's Vivian, our schoolteacher, getting a class ready to come in for lessons. 
Girls line up on one side, and boys on the other, and that's how they sit inside, too. 

She is strict, as the old teachers were... and someone usually has to stand in the corner.  
It's fun, for two hours.
Within two minutes of taking this picture, the heavens opened up, and Judy, the secretary, and I jumped into a golf cart and careened for cover in the maintenance shop so my camera would not get drenched (and neither would we!). 

Keith is going to get some period clothing and become a historical interpreter this summer. 
He would be so good at that, he loves history and he loves to talk to folks. 

He is bound by doing home dialysis every four to five hours... but... we are close enough that he could spend 2 1/2 hours or 3 hours over at the Ag Hall, and then come home and dialyze. 

I can't remember if I showed you... but I finally have a few hummers. 

I put two feeders on the back porch rail, where we can see them from the dining room through the sliding doors.  

I have another hanging in the yard, away from the other bird feeders. 

Today, one zoomed by my head as I went down the back steps to get the feeder out in the yard.  I saw that there was a bird using it, so waited for a while.  That's the first time I've seen two at once. 

Our little goose family was still all there this morning, and I was glad to see that all five goslings have survived.  They were having a leisurely preen with mom and dad. 

And all their friends at the pond! 

Twins?  Or is mom just baby-sitting the second calf? 

This morning, a kind friend met me at the old place, and 
gave me 9 one year old Rhode Island Red hens and a bantam cochin rooster, 
who promptly fought with the MUCH bigger cochin, Blooey. 

No pictures... I did take some, but they were all a blue. 

The birds had had to be kept in a too small pen, so some of the hens are almost bare. 

I finally separated them into the two yards, the three big cochins in the little red henhouse yard, and 
the bigger group in the old henhouse yard.  I put a barrier up in the doorway. 

The cochin hens will be confused, as they are used to laying in the old duck house on this side. 
I DID put the ramp up and opened the door of the little red henhouse, and I think for tonight, I'll run these guys back over to that side, and they can sleep in that house for the time being until the roosters settle down. 

As you see, the rooster's tail is plucked, too.  These feathers will all grow back in, and they will 
lay as soon as they settle down and get used to the yard. 

I stopped three times for turtles this morning, but did not have to help this guy. 
He trotted right along and got out of the road on his own. 

He was really a most beautiful color, as well. 

I took a quick picture with my phone, and I hope you can make it 
a little bigger and see what a pretty color he was. 

Off he went! 

We are told that we are going to have severe storms tonight, but 
the last few predictions have been a non-event.  I hope 
that holds true tonight as well... but... I can't say I am sad we 
have had all the rain this week. 

I'll share some more pictures tomorrow. 

AND, Last but definitely not least...

It's Armed Services Day! 

Honor our men and woman who are serving our country and putting their lives on the line.  My husband did it for 24 years, and we have a friend whose son is a Marine even as I type this.

Thanks for your service!  


  1. Congratulations grand daughter
    Lily & Edward

  2. Great pictures as always. We've had several days in a row with scattered showers and were lucky to be able to get the yard mowed between them. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday there.

  3. Congratulations to your grand daughter! We have our first high school just a few weeks. Can't believe how fast time flies. I hope your storms are too severe...wish we had some of that rain! Send it east, please! :)

  4. Mary Ann,

    Congratulations to your Grand Daughter on her Graduation!!! Love all of your bird pictures!!

  5. Congrats to your Grand Daughter. I've been seeing turtles everywhere.


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