Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lots of Turtles

Baby Alligator turtle (snapper). 

I picked him up and took him across the street. 

I did NOT try to pick this guy up.  I did use something to move him to the verge... across the street were homes... there was really no where for him to go. 

I put him so he was in the field, so I am hoping he chose to go that way. 

I also did not try to move this guy.  He was a LOT bigger than the one above.  I basically took his picture and said a prayer.  He was in an area where he had a chance to cross the road. 

I don't need to be bitten by a snapper, I admit it. 

I did see one dead one at the top of a hill... the person coming over the crest would never have seen him. 

I stopped for two or three more tiny box turtles, it's a hard life for them. 

These are the field to the sides of the levee on County Road Five. 

And this is the culvert on the other side. 

This is what we ran into this morning on the way to the old house. 

We were able to cross it tonight, and here is what it looked like at 5 PM. 

The big ditch is FULL. 

I was kind of surprised that there weren't ducks in it.  Then something moved and caught my eye. 

There were two blue herons behind the ditch, believe me, the ground was wet. 

I did not even see the turkeys until I loaded the pictures into the computer, they were so far away. 

You can see the herons a little better here. 

This is THE bravest rooster I have ever seen, EVER, except maybe for Baby Rambo, our beautiful son of our beautiful Rambo. 

Today, Lilly fell. 

I called the cochins to me to put them back in the pen at the henspa, as I do late 
every afternoon.  They know when I call it's time.  Today, two hens had ventured as far as 
the flower bed.  I stupidly turned my back on one of them, while the other ran past me. 

I heard a squawk, and Lilly had a black hen down. 

This big boy, Rooster Cogburn, ran at her as fast as he could and hit her so hard, spurs out, that she dropped the hen in surprise, who got up and ran.  I did not punish Lilly, this is her nature, but I did have her follow me to the house, and I locked both dogs up until I got the birds in and safe. 

Tomorrow morning I'll take the dogs in the cool of the day, 
and tomorrow afternoon, I'll leave them at home.  They get worn out in the heat fast. 

This, in case some of you don't know, is the little red henhouse, which used to hold a bantam flock. 

That sad thing in front of it was a rabbit hutch, but the hens used it for laying for years. 

I left the door of the henhouse open, because the little black rooster is in that yard. 
He's going to have a lonely night, and I hope he realizes he can get under cover in there. 

Last night, he and a hen spent the night in the feed room of the big henhouse, and 
this morning, I was going to put them in the red henyard together. 

They got away from me. 

This yard has been invaded by nettles, and I chopped and chopped at them today.  Yesterday, they stung my legs up and down... and today, those legs were covered with jeans instead of shorts. 

Here are the new girls, and you see, they are pretty bare. 

They will all come out okay... don't worry. 
Those feathers will grow back in as they settle down and become more secure. 

I crept up to the gate today and watched them, and they were 
pecking around in the yard and doing fine.  It will all come out well with them. 

Right now, they are still scared out of their minds. 

On the way home, we came across a group of turkeys in a field.

The tom was all up periscope. 

His ladies responded. 

This morning I also saw a scissortail flycathcher, but I 
was not able to get a picture of it. 

I'll keep trying. 


  1. Yay for the brave and watchful rooster! The hen will be alright?

  2. Great pictures and many adventures.

    I detest stinging nettles. We never had them here. At the river after I was married was the first time I had the joy on nettle contact...oh, my! I smeared river mud on it and it helped a little.

    Two years ago I was cleaning a water garden. I have many turtle shaped can tell where this is going...I was taking all the rocks out for a major spring cleaning. Picked one up and almost had it laid when it dawned on me it was a snapping turtle. Big as a dessert plate. I dropped him quickly...back into the water, silly me. I accused the guys of bringing him to my pond but they were so innocent. I guess that is also under the heading of Build it and they will come.

  3. I also forgot to say this may be the only lesson the dog will need! Good rooster!

  4. Looks like you really got a lot of rain there, at least you won't have to worry about drought. It rained here off and on but mostly off, it was a steamy weekend with humidity very high. I'm like the dogs the heat wears me out so I spend a good bit of time indoors. Looks like another rainy day here. Happy Monday !

  5. I'm glad that brave Roo saved the hen.

  6. i didn't realize a rooster would do that to a dog. did i miss a post? where did the new hens come from?

  7. Years ago, I cautiously carried a good sized snapping turtle to the drainage ditch near the complex. He had obviously been run over. I wanted him to at least die in peace instead of being roadkill. What a daring rooster! I'm glad Lilly dropped the hen. Hope the new hens settle in quickly. They obviously needed a better environment.

    1. Well done, Terri! I would do the same thing, and DID, last year, carrying one hurt turtle down into a ditch so it wouldn't be hit again.


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