Monday, May 11, 2015

Some Catch-Up Pictures

Despite the rain, it was a good weekend for pictures. 

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! 

On Friday, I opened the gate to the henspa yard.  The girls had stripped it bare, and 
it is STINKING from the layers of straw, etc. leftover from the last big group of 
hens I kept in there.  I only mean that when it gets wet, it smells... remember, it 
became a jungle last year with no birds in it. 

So... Silver was the first brave girl to step outside. 

Her sister Goldie was right behind her, but the cochins were much more hesitant. 

(These are the Brahma girls) 

Rooster Cogburn is taking good care of them... and they are not going much further 
than where you see them now.  At least they are getting out on the green grass. 

So far, I have not had trouble getting them inside the fence in the late afternoon. 

Yesterday morning, our friend was back on the Holy Angels sign! 
I was so glad to see him. 

I wish I had been able to get a picture from the back, but a car 
came up behind me.  I got in the car but waited for a second and saw a little boy say
"An OWL!" and his dad stopped the car.   My reaction, too, and I look for 
him every day. 

Friday night, I saw this tom turkey crossing the road in front of us. 

This small piece of woods is amazing, there is a "sidewalk", almost like a path someone has cut through it, just inside the woods.  In fact, it's posted "Private" and they may HAVE cut a path.  Isn't that a beautiful bird? 

You are going to have to take my word that he had one of the longest beards I have seen. 

Turkey season does not end until May 31st. 

The birds have an advantage a lot of the time.  Can you see the two hens in this picture? 

We are not seeing many these last two days. 

We thought we were going to have a respite from the rain.... and had 
sun this morning... but now the news has come on and informed us 
that there is rain in the forecast for four of the next five days. 
Our yard is sogged out already. 

Our neighbors were out cutting today, but I am not driving my John Deere through all this. 
It is not bad throughout the whole yard, but there are parts that are very, very wet. 

The thought of more rain this week is a little disheartening.  We are also headed down to 
possibly 39 tonight. 

Yesterday morning, I pulled the straw back that I had put over the raised beds at the old house. 

The earth was WONDERFUL.   
I went ahead and planted four tomatoes.  

I found these volunteers in one of the boxes, and left them alone for now.  I may transplant some of them.  They are "Gypsy" that I got from Baker Creek three years ago. 

I also am putting some pepper plants out there, but I am 
just now hardening them off.  

I saw this guy and six of his friends on the way home, but I never could figure out why they were gathering. 

I saw nothing there today at all. 

The grass in our pasture has gotten REALLY long, but

I see you. 

I still see you. 

I see you again. 

(his eyes are green!) 

More pictures tomorrow. 


  1. I see it,, I see it!
    And I see all your beautiful flowers,, and plants,,, and beautful chickens,,, and soggy grass,,,oh gosh!
    Some ducks would love to swim in that water!

  2. I am amazed to see an owl in daylight. Is that normal?

    Great pictures.

    I love that chicken gold. We compost it and it's amazing but you know that.

    Sweet dreams.

  3. I need a small clarification.
    Are the hens at the old house?

    Hope you had a nice day yesterday!

    M :)

  4. We are cooling down here too with some rain. The weekend was unusually hot for us and we're back to more normal weather. It had been on the dry side so we need the rain here. I love how your pictures picked up the pattern on the hens feathers. Aren't they gorgeous ! Hope you dry out soon.

  5. hahaha, that kitty is checking you out Mary Ann. Good pics of all the wildlife. Love seeing happy hens.

  6. Great pictures, Mary Ann !
    How awesome to see that owl .
    I love to see the chickens too.

    Wishing you a happy day.

  7. Mary Ann,

    Great pictures, I see you did get some good rain there.

  8. We are FINALLY getting enough "rain" (really, sprinkles only) to moisten the earth – and my arena, so that I may finally be able to ride Lance there safely! Hoping for more today; apparently YOU'VE been stealing it all! ;-)

  9. What pretty hens! I'm surprised they don't explore more. Summer is turkey vulture (buzzard) breeding season. I suspect that is why they are gathering in areas. Maybe your owl has a nest in the area and you'll see owlets :)

    You an send your rain our way. We've had some lately but are still below normal.

  10. what was that in your last picture?
    stella rose


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