Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Thunderous Evening

Right now, it's raining steadily but thundering from time to time. 
The weatherman tells us we are expecting storms tomorrow. 

We could still use the rain. 

Butterflies are starting to gather at the old house as the plants fire up. 

The sun kissed this iris this morning. 

And the sun lit up "Batik" this afternoon for a short while. 

When I got to the old place this morning, this suet cage was GONE. 
I found it empty three times recently, so I knew a raccoon has been 
climbing the pole and taking it.  Yesterday, I shortened the chain and hooked it shut. 
This morning, the whole cage was gone. 

Lilly found it in the yard, with this suet still in it. 

I stuck it on one of the nails, the coon had gotten the chain off... but couldn't get 
the cage open. 

I put it back up on the pole, it will be interesting to see if it is there tomorrow. 

Our happy boy follows me all around while I do chores. 

It was very humid this afternoon, and I scrubbed and re-filled the porch fortex. 
Lilly had just put her foot in it and stirred it, the way Ranger used to. 
I was laughing at her before she drank.

And then... a light from heaven came down on the creek. 

Looks like it, doesn't it? 

Here is the real picture.  If you look at he above, you'll see 
my shotgun (Jester) reflected in the window.  
And then.... I rolled it down. 

Still a beautiful picture. 

Another butterfly: 

I ask again... how can anyone doubt there is a God? 

I'm happy to tell you that the buffalo have been heard...
Channel Four, Fox News, did a story about them at six tonight. 
They have the story on their Facebook page, and I will go back 
and try to embed it for you to read and hear.  

Channel Five also did a story, Keith called them today. 
I have not heard/seen it yet. 

It was a truck that hit the two cows, and they were actually over in the eastbound lane, and had crossed the highway.  

Someone could have been killed.  A young woman was interviewed and 
said she had seen five in her neighbor's yard one morning last week.  The owner was 
named by the newsperson. 

Hopefully, something will happen before someone is killed. 

Okay, here is the link, I can't figure out how to embed it. 

Be sure to read the comments from all the people who say the buffalo (bison) should be allowed to roam free!  

I have a bunch more pictures to show you, but need to save some for tomorrow! 

My guess is... it's going to be raining a LOT! 


  1. Freedom is fine when there's ROOM!

  2. We had rain too but only light showers for the most part. We really could use a good soaking rain. This morning it is very foggy but should clear up later on. I love the pictures of the sunlight touching every thing. Glad the buffalo have been heard and hopefully they'll get some help now.

  3. I'm glad the buffalo situation is finally getting some attention. If folks keep making noise about them, something will have to be done. I don't feel sorry for the guy having to pay for repairs on that truck either. What a wimpy fence to contain HUGE creatures.

    Great photos Mary Ann. You are getting so good with that camera.

  4. can you send some of that rain my way? i just got all of my vegetable plants and they are going to dry out. somehow watering just is not the same as rain.

  5. beautiful photos Mary Ann,, and yes, it looked like a light from heaven


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