Friday, May 8, 2015

Turtle Season

After putting in my six hours at the National Agricultural Center - Agricultural 
Hall of Fame today, I picked my pals up and we went out to do 
the evening chores. 

On the way home, I decided to drive past the red-tailed hawk's nest...

You might have to biggify it to see the expression on the hawk's face.  I was lucky to get it. 
I'm trying to figure out if there are babies already born there. 

I think there are. 

Before I could move six feet, I saw this: 

The second one today. 

Of course, I helped him across... and remember, you should always put them in the direction they are going... in this case, there was a steep bank in front of it, so I climbed through the ditch 
and put him up in the pasture.  I figure it was up to him to get through the grass. 

These two were contentedly laying together a little farther down the same road. 

Does that calf have a cute face or what? 

These hens were with a larger group... 

Here was their tom, and there was another tom with them, not displaying. 

The iris show goes on. 

And on and on and on. 

But this little guy was my catch of the day.  

He's an Eastern Kingbird.  

I don't remember ever seeing one at Calamity Acres before. 

He flew up and down, catching insects in the air, very close to me. 

I just don't remember seeing any, though. 

I can't wait to see him again! 


  1. Fantastic photos.

    Has it rained a lot? I notice our turtles seem to move when there's much rain. Thanks for helping.

    Calf is adorable.

  2. Reminds me of The Good Samaratin!

  3. I had to be at work early this morning, so I went to bed before dark last night. When I opened my window and turned on the fan, I spooked a hen in my front yard. Guess ya just never know!

  4. What great captures of the kingbird!!!

  5. You are so kind and thoughtful to help the turtle over to the pasture. Looks like a beautiful day there. We have had sunshine and are much warmer as we almost hit 90 yesterday. I had to turn on the air. Hated to do it but it was too uncomfortable to sleep. Hope you have a super Saturday !

  6. i never see turtles here. but then i do live in the city so a turtle sighting might be weird! it's still so hot!

  7. Mary Ann,

    I love watching turtles, there just so lax a daisy when it comes to crossing the street.
    Thank you for walking them out of the road way.

    Amazing pictures!!!

  8. Turtles are soo cool!
    Thank you for helping the turtle Mary Ann

  9. the turtles are on the move. I moved a huge one off the highway the other afternoon. made a U-ey to go back and get him out of the road.


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