Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Hard Work Day

Well, I don't have pictures of it but I worked for an hour in the gardens at the old house early this morning. 

The plants are looking good! 

The rosebush in Kathy and Troy's front yard is beautiful. 

We had a tiny bit of sun this morning. 

But the sun had disappeared by this afternoon. 

This handsome boy was with the 13 horses that spent the winter in the big pasture I pass twice a day. 

I think he is in a smaller lot because he needed to gain weight. 

He came trotting to the fence when I stopped this morning. 

He's just a doll, and I know he's getting extra food, I see him being fed. 

He still has three companions in the big pasture... which is mostly weeds.  They stand at the fence with him several times a day. 

Jester does not chew on bones.  However, today, he found some sticks, played with them on the deck, and then settled down to chew!  I got them some Pupperoni sticks tonight for them both to chew. 

On the way home, I saw two tom turkeys in beautiful condition. 

And at least one of the baby hawks, watching me watching him! 

Tomorrow, Keith has his luncheon with his co-workers, his 
goodbye luncheon.  Friday, he will end 10 years employment with the 
State of Kansas, Dept. of Emergency Management.  
His health dictates this, but he will miss his friends and co-workers. 

I get to go with him to the lunch, and I'll try to get a few pictures. 

I cut grass today here at home, and then tried to weed-eat for a while... and I have to admit to you, I'm POOPED! 


  1. I don't know how you do it, keeping up with two places like you do. I'm pooped here most days with only one to care for. Hope you both enjoy the luncheon, It's nice they are doing that for your Keith.

  2. I'm sure he will enjoy his retirement once everything settles down. Have fun at the luncheon.

    Those horses look a whole lot better than some I've seen in other pastures.

  3. jester has quite a smile doesn't he? i spent the whole morning weeding and cutting dead branches and transplanting. i kicked up a lot of pollen and i am paying for it. i'm heading out to buy a weed whacker. this is too big a job to do by myself!

  4. Jester always makes me laugh, you find the best bird pictures, mom wants some of your beautiful flowers in her yard.
    stella rose

  5. Sweet Mary Ann,

    I always love your pictures of the animals and flowers. Horses are just close to my heart, just love them. I got my horse fix with viewing your horse pictures, thank you :-)

    I'm sorry to hear Keith has to leave work with the Dept. of Emergency Mgmt due to health. He's put his tenure in, and he can still see his friends from work. Give him a big hug, everything will work out. I'm keeping you both in my prayers.

    Oh dear, where do we start? Yard work is hard work and a full time job within itself. It's totally exhausting, and can really poop a person out. I say treat yourself to a nice cold glass of ice tea, and put your feet up for a while :-)

  6. Lots of changes with the forced retirement; I hope you can both handle that with grace. Focusing on the beauty of God's creation around you has got to help!


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