Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunny Monday

We had a beautiful, if chilly day here, and are going down possibly into the 30's tonight! 

The ponds at the foot of the hill were shining in the sunlight. 

What a beautiful view I've had for the last 10 years! 

The three lone chickens are loving their huge outdoor space.  I'm starting to feel so 
guilty for the other 9... they have the henspa yard, without a piece of green in it now. 

The tulips are slowly going by now. 

How I have enjoyed them! 

A lady goldfinch had to fight our strong wind as she flew away from the feeder. 

Lilly was on a mole trail in the pasture, and dug the whole thing up.  No moles! 

This beautiful young red-tailed hawk flew directly in front of us on the way home.  I grabbed the camera, and even though he was up pretty high, I took some pictures. 

Biggify these to see what a beaut he was. 

He was far, far up when I took the last one, but biggify it... it is a little blurry because of the distance, but you can see a real hawk there! 

We saw these two, too.... they were waiting for us to leave so they could finish their breakfast. 
You see that turkey vultures are not ALL black. 

We saw this tom turkey alone tonight on the way home.  He was near a home... for protection, I'm sure. 

Since these guys are still everywhere. 

The drainage ditch was empty, and the teal were back on the pond on the way home... that little bird you see flying through the picture was a swallow, and I kept trying to take pictures as they dove in and out and in and out. 

The dogs and I have discovered a few new roads in the last few days, so hopefully, we
will have some exciting pictures this week! 


  1. Nature is so much fun to photograph.

    M : )

  2. Wonderful pictures.

    Aren't blue skies and sunshine the most wonderful thing?

  3. Mary Ann,

    Okay, I must ask......have you name your camera?
    I love all the pictures of the birds, dogs, and flowers.
    Spring has really popped up there.

  4. Sunny days are wonderful. Our tulips are just beginning to bloom here and what a treat they are. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  5. Love the pictures Mary Ann. It's chilly here this AM too.

  6. lilly looks so cute! it is very cold here this morning. tonight i will have to cover lots of plants to protect them. your photos are wonderful!

  7. Great pictures Mary Ann. You always have such a good eye. P.S. Dad is jealous cos we cannot get any gold finches to come and eat in our yard.
    stella rose

  8. It's so nice to see things turning green again! We saw a turkey running across our fields a week or so ago. I tried to sneak up on him to get a picture, but he was too wary and fast for me!


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