Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Dearth of Snakes

We have a dearth of snakes so far this spring. 

A friend has already posted pictures of several large black snakes around her area.... but so far, I have seen none.  I thought the presence of chickens in the old hen house would mean some would be drawn, but despite my checking the rafters, etc., I have seen none.  So far. 

This big one is from July of 2012, helping himself to an egg. 

These big black snakes are our friends... they keep the rodent population down. 

It may still be too cold... we are going down to the thirties tonight. 

The tulips are almost finished. 

It did get up into the seventies today, and the dogs had a good run, and 
then enjoyed a good fresh fortex of cold well water. 

Lilly was hot, too. 

The starling hordes have two more weeks, and then I'm pulling the plug. 
I watched the red-bellied woodpecker try to eat tonight, and he was muscled out. 

There he goes! 

The hairy woodpecker had the suet all to himself, though. 

Here are two red winged blackbirds... a male on the right with his red and yellow stripe... and the female on the left, with her yellow. 

This, seen through the screened window in our tv room.... is a yellow-headed blackbird. 
See his white stripe?  This is a male. 

I have only seen one other one, about two years ago, at the old house. 
Supposedly, they breed in Kansas in the summer.  

He is a beauty! 

He was here again this evening, too. 

This turkey girl was all alone this evening, and we saw her about a mile and a half from the house.  I wanted to scream at her to HURRY UP.  I even stopped to take the picture and she still meandered. 

Until, thankfully, she disappeared into this thicket. 

Here are two of our turkeys in the old henyard at night, 3 years ago.  One is still alive, 
down the road at my friend Roxanne's farm.  the other, sadly, was lost to a predator. 
Turkeys are wonderful birds to raise. 


  1. Loved your pictures.

    I have never seen that kind of black bird...beautiful.

  2. Those snakes look so scary!! Almost makes me very nervous to my stomach,,,
    but the tulips and the dogs,, and birds are beautiful!! Spectacular photos!

  3. I have never like snakes, but you are right in saying they keep the rodents down. We mostly have the green garden snake in our area and it does the same. It's much colder here now and the furnace is running again. It was nice to shut it off for a couple of days. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Yuck to those snakes...how do you get the starlings to leave??
    stella rose

  5. I've never seen one of those yellow headed blackbirds. Neat.

  6. Actually those are both male red winged blackbirds. Females don't have the stripes, and look more like a song sparrow.
    Love your blog tho!! I'm glad you kept up with it when you moved! You are one of my favs! :)


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