Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's Use Up Some Pictures!

First, one of Paiton's program last night.

Here she is in yellow last night, on stage.  The school did something good here... each of the four kindgarten classes was in separate colors, so you could find your kids easily.  Paiton's was yellow, as you see. 

There were no instrumentals as in Jax's program last week, this was all singing. The kindergarteners did a good job, though.  There are ten kindergartens at this school... five performed last night, and 
five tomorrow night. Whew! 

I took this picture on the way home from doing chores, after the program. 

I actually passed him before my brain registered that he was sitting there... 
I backed up, and lo and behold, he did not fly away. 

I caught this dove in the tree at the old house. 

This looks, from a distance, like an Upland Sandpiper, formerly called the Upland Plover.  
I watched him for quite a while yesterday morning, as he plunged that beak into the pond 
over and over. 

Here is one pair of the three pairs of Blue-Winged Teal on the same pond, thanks for the ID, Friend Jill. 

You can see that the country roads are an absolute pleasure to drive.  This was about the ONE time yesterday and today the sun was shining.  This whole road is lined with red buds.  I have tried and I 
just can't get a picture showing how beautiful it is. 

I have the WORST luck getting deer pictures.  

I'm better at sparrows. 

And roosters. 

The dogs and I came across this small group... ten hens and two toms, this morning. 

I am rarely able to get such a clear picture of these birds (and I got fifty!). 

Today was the first day of turkey season, and I was mentally willing them to go deep into the woods. 

This was the bigger tom... does he look like he has plastic caught around him???
It does to me. 

If I had gotten out of the car, they would have been gone in a flash.  

I saw trucks (hunters)  parked all OVER the place this morning, and Keith noticed them, too, on the 
way home from dialysis.  

Another owl, tonight... I drove by HIM, too, stopped, 
took pictures (which were ALL blurry)... and then 
drove around the corner and got out of the car and took a few. 
They were MUCH better! 

Hope you all have enjoyed these! 


  1. Mary Ann,

    Paiton looks like she's enjoying herself. Beautiful pictures of the birds, deer, and property.

  2. Awww, Paiton is so cute.

    Great pics Mary Ann. You are getting pretty good with that camera.

  3. You find some good subjects for your pictures and do a good job of it too. How peaceful it would be to watch the ducks on the pond. Hope your Thursday is a great day !

  4. That Paiton is so very cute, we finks hers looks like hers had better luck then our dad at seeing turkeys....stella rose

  5. We think there is an owl over here some where cause we found huge bird poops on the ground
    Lily & Edward

  6. Your photos are spectacular Mary Ann,,
    I loved the Sandpiper one,,, You captured the shadow also in the water,.,,, and its beautiful,,, all the photos are.
    I am so happy you have the world you do,,, where you can see nature

  7. Wow, 10 Kindergartens! That is a lot of kids. Is this a big school?

    Great pics.

    M :)


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