Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring is Springing!

It's such a pleasure to drive through the country back and forth from 
new house to old house. 

Forsythia is blooming everywhere. 

This is the lilac that I have grown on from a six inch high plant, 
given to me by my next door neighbor, Kathy. 

It's going to bloom for the first time. 

I planted it too close to the fence! 

Can you see the treat at the bottom of our pasture? 

Another beautiful tree! 

I'm enjoying the last of these jonquils... because I fear the rain tonight and tomorrow 
will shatter them down.  

What beauty they have brought for the last week. 

Another beautiful forsythia.  Their show is short, but so worth it! 


  1. The spring is beautiful isn't it Mary Ann.!
    It seems to jump out at us and say "look at me". Enjoy this moment.
    And you capture the moments with your camera!
    And soon more and more spring is shared,,, What a wonderful gift from the Universe,,,
    We are so thankful we can see the beauty too,,, Its a different world here,, but beautiful.

  2. I walked around my yard yesterday looking at all the blooms. I think everything made it thru the winter okay.
    My azaleas are just coming in. The natives are fading, but they are always early.

  3. You are definitely ahead of us as far as blooms go. Maybe another week or so if it stays warm, we too will see some. I did notice some tiny little leaves coming out on our lilac bush here. Spring is wonderful !

  4. you are about 2 weeks ahead of us. my daffodils are still thin shoots of green.

  5. You are ahead of us here, my mom loves those yellow bushes, and lilacs..and just everyfing that says spring!!!!
    stella rose

  6. Mary Ann,

    Thank you for taking us through your place with pictures of your beautiful flowers, bushes, and trees.
    Are there two ponds on your old property?

  7. Beautiful. Spring has finally sprung!!!

  8. We so love Spring and your pictures are just gorgeous. So good to meet you and thanks so much for coming by our blog. I love your header. That is an owl, isn't it. You have a great day.


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