Monday, April 13, 2015

Lots of Random Stuff

New life is always beautiful. 

First calf on the ground in the longhorn/Hereford herd down the road. 

It does not belong to the Hereford cow, who threatened that calf with a swing of her head just after I took this picture.  It's mama is one of the longhorn cows. 

The creeks are running full after the inch and a half rain we had this weekend. 

This is a sight that makes me SO HAPPY. 

This is Blooey the rooster and his two hens who have been 
living in the old henhouse for three weeks.  I could not get them out!

As of today, they are out and loving it.  Of course, you know I'll have to net them 

They were having a BLAST. 

If you look in the previous picture, you see that I have the little henyard with the little red henhouse partitioned off.  Once I see how these guys do, I'll open it up.  

I did find a gap in the fencing... I found it when I looked at the pictures I took, so I sure 
hope all three are there when I go back out this evening.  It wasn't much of a gap, but not safe for nights for sure. 

I saw these three dead horses on the way, too. 

And their one living companion.... 

Jester's ear got in the way.  

(The horses were all sleeping together, and I burst out laughing). 

The first morels are up.  People love morels. 

Keith and I like to have ONE meal with them and that's it.  So...
I'll pick a few tonight when I go out to do chores, and that's that. 

Here is a picture of a hawk taking off around the corner from us .... on a cloudy day, this is 
about as good as you get. 

Same hawk in the sunlight on Friday. 

A scene from the feeder at the old house.  Keith is 
going to make me a similar feeder here, as soon as he is feeling a 
little better.  The cardinal waited for a few minutes patiently, then 
dove into the fray and had his treat. 


  1. Oh my gosh Mary Ann I actually thought those horses had died, and I was wondering what happened etc. etc.....geeze louise......stella rose

  2. Mary Ann,

    Woohooo Morels!!!! I love them, can't find them around my area. We used to pick them every year when we lived up north.
    Great pictures!!!

  3. I recently tried to get a photo of three equally "dead" horses, but they got suspicious as to why the truck slowed down and raised their heads! lol

  4. Spring does bring a lot of new life and all of it is so precious. I love to ride out in the country and see the animals on the farms but haven't done it for awhile so I do appreciate your pictures. I had quite a chuckle over the dead horses. You had me going there for a moment. I've never had morels but have heard how delicious they are. Hope you enjoy yours.

  5. we thought the horses were dead too!

    we have never eaten any of that stuff

  6. Morels are on my wish list. Maybe one day we'll find some here.


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