Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Our red tulip, from my friend Georgie, 
welcoming Easter on our patio.  Perfect timing! 

What a wonderful service this morning, so peaceful and 
the culmination of the Triddeum, the 3 day celebrations working up to 
the gift that is Easter.  To be fair, I was in church on Thursday and Friday, 
but not Saturday night for the Vigil.  Instead, I was with these two: 

The two without teeth. 

Son Jim took daughter in law Amy out for her 
birthday, and Jax and Paiton and I colored eggs, and then 
went to see "Home", a new animated movie.  It was 
pretty moving... Jax admitted that he cried. 

We recommend it for all grandmas and 

The old maple over the deck of the old house is leafing out again.  

It's such a beautiful, but fragile old tree. 

Two squirrels ran across the yard yesterday afternoon, and up the big maple tree. 
This girl barreled out of the car and went straight to the tree. 
She laid there for a long time. 

I'm going to give her GREAT credit... a vulture flew low over the yard on Friday, and dove at Jester.  

Lilly jumped into the air, scaring it, and then circled, keeping it above ground. I saw it with my own eyes, but did not have the camera in my hand.  Yayyy for Lilly! 

In Kansas, this is not an air-raid siren. 

It is, plain and simple, a tornado siren.  See those leaden skies? 

We are in tornado season. 

We expect bad weather this coming week, in fact, so these 
sirens are very necessary. 

Thank heavens, this house has a storm shelter. 

I'm glad the vulture didn't get our little guy. 

And that our big girl is so vigilant. 

Today, Keith and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. 

We played miniature golf on our wedding night with 
grandson Chris, and son Brandon.  We had a great laugh about it this morning, as we went to eat brunch after church.  On one hand, it seems so long ago... but again, it seems like yesterday. 

I forgot to have our waitress take our picture at the table, but, as she was really hopping,  it would have been an imposition.  

I'll try to get a picture of the two of us, soon! 

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! 

I just realized... I never took pictures of any of the Easter baskets this year. 

Keith had fun delivering them to the four little ones on his side yesterday, and 
Jax and Paiton (and bigger sibs Jacob and Madison) got theirs when 
they came over in the afternoon.  It's a good old custom, and one 
we intend to keep up.  It's not a toy opportunity, either... I don't believe 
in baskets full of toys for a religious holyday. 


  1. Happy Easter and happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Keith!. Its looking "springy" in your world,,! But the tornados' oh no!!!
    The photos you capture of Jester are sooo funny,, and Lilly is so beautiful.. So glad the big bird did not get Jester.
    Our tulips are opening too,,, Your look very happy

  3. Nice to see you had a happy Easter Weekend. Congrats to you both on the wedding anniversary and best wishes for many more happy years ahead.

  4. lol....that's what my hubby and I did. Played putt putt golf, bowled and drove the go cart cars around the track.

    Good girl Lilly!

    Awwww, those grands are adorable.

  5. Oh happy anniversary.....12 always do such a good job taking pictures, it puts my mom to shame for sure, here she was going to take pictures over the weekend but it never wants to go see that movie also.
    stella rose

  6. Mary Ann,

    I hope you and Keith had a beautiful Easter?
    Please be careful this week with the weather, were expecting the same. I pray we don't have another storm like two years ago. Thank God you have a shelter, I'll be in the closet :-)
    Happy 12 Anniversary!

  7. Sending you 'happy anniversary' wishes :)

    So happy for you that you were able to spend time with family.

    Take care, and stay safe.

  8. Happy 12th Anniversary!

    Sounds like you had a great

    M : )

  9. I've never done toys in Easter baskets for the same reasons. I love holy week services. We didn't attend much this year due to being over run with family. Happy Easter! and Happy Anniversary.


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